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    Clan System


    Simple guide showing how to create a clanning/team group on Sharkbrew forums. You can Reach the clanning section via the sharkbrew.com homepage, alternatively you can use the small header at the top of the /forums webpage. There are some cool little functions however the section is rather detailed, I'm just making this topic so you're aware of what it has to offer, let's begin.





    The same process is used for clans and teams so I'll be using the clanning system for this topic. You will see a directory of listed clan groups on this web page, to start setting up your clans group simply use the hyperlink on the right side of the window. 



    This all should be pretty self explanatory, you can add a logo from this page to your clan group and add any clanning descriptions to portray your group. Please make sure to click save before exiting this window or your clan group will not be created. 

    Via the clan/team url's listed near the top of this topic, your group should now appear, now is the time to edit and set up your group. This section now becomes more detailed, as there are many functions on ipb4, I will label each area by bulletpoint. Everything here is access via the clan management drop down window located on your groups page.



    • Clan settings (MAIN ASPECT)
    • Collab Menu
    • Role (member group) Management
    • Member group Management
    • Forums Management
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    Clan Settings

    From the clan management drop down window, enter clan settings.

    Please note only the owner of the clan group has access to this section.



    1. Description - You shouldn't have much issues in this section. You can rename your clan here, add a clan tag and also add your clans logo to your clan group (THIS CAN BE DISPLAYED IN YOUR PROFILE ICON WHEN YOU POST ON SHARKBREW FORUMS). If you wish you can write up a nice little description of your clan also. It is important that you always click the save button at the bottom of the screen once you have finished, if you do not do this your efforts will not be saved.


    2. Settings - The ability of how members will join your group is decided in the membership mode setting. Only those with moderation rights to the group will have access to any of the settings in this section. I would recommend using open (needs approval), this allows members to apply to join  your group without giving the ability for anyone to just join your group. You can add a default member title for all groups members here rather than custom one's for a specific member role (shown later in the guide). You may also add any rules you may wish to impose in the description area provided.

    3. Applications - WILL ADD MORE WHEN I KNOW MORE



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    Collab Menu


    You may or may not be aware of the rather handy clan menu collab bar located on your clans group page, from here you can add your own links to your clans pages (i.e clan ml, clan forums, youtube, facebook etc).


    From the clan management window once again, enter the Edit Collab Menu section. Simply press the +Create New button, input the title you would wish to be displayed on the collab menu, input the url in the desired field and do not forget to click save.

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    Role Management


    Role management is extremely important, allowing you to tailor your clan group to just how you want it. Once again head to the clan management dropdown bar and select Manage Roles, and select +Create New in order to begin creating a new member role/mask.


    If you have any previous experience creating member masks on ipb you shouldn't have much trouble creating these roles. Insert the desired Role name. Please note Owner role will not have instant moderation permissions, you must activate content moderation in the Permissions tab, doing so will instantly give access to another tab named "Forums"



    Self explanatory, activate to give the specific member mask the ability. please note enabling Manage collab in this window will show further Permissions settings, each setting is detailed clearly.



    If "Moderate Content" setting is enabled in the previous "Permissions" tab, the "Forums" tab will instantly appear, this settings tab goes into full moderation ability for the forum group, here you can give access to a specific member group to have moderation ability on topics posted in the section.


    Please note the settings continue off the page, ipb goes into detail however each setting is listed clearly. 



    This is a rather neat function for the clan group system, once badges are enabled for the group these will be shown in the members profile when they posts on any topic on the Sharkbrew forums. You may only use file extensions listed in the picture above. To fully use this system first you need to activate the desired badge for each member role, then add each specific member to the member group, shown in the next section of this guide.




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    Member Management

    Once a member has joined your clan group, you will recieve a notification request upon his arrival (verification request if you have invite only selected for your group). you are able then to assign him a role you previously created in the last section via "Member Management" in the "Clan Management" dropdown menu.


    As you can see, no role is currently assigned to the newly joined member. press the Edit grOFSye.png to assign the role. from this window you also have full group ban privileges over all members of your group.


    All previously created roles from "Role Management" will now be shown in this edit, once again please don't forget to press save.


    @slushpuppy another bug found, for the owner of the group, because of the previous change you made it seems all badges connected to all roles will appear for the owner, regardless of if those role boxes are ticked in his edit.


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    Forum Creation

    As with any other section of the forums, you are able to create your own tailored sub-forums for your personal section of the site. From the clan management dropdown bar, enter "Manage Forums".


    As you can see I have already created a Parent Forum "Grand Chat" (apologies for color issues) and a Sub-forum "DONATION" connected to the parent forum, Click +Create New to begin.


    As a recommendation, I would suggest, using a Parent Forum merely as a Category type, this allows the forum to be used as a building block, creating further forums and adding them to the particular Parent Forum. Remember when adding a further sub-forum you wish to post in, you must change the "Type" of forum, "Discussions" is the best option.


    Changing the type of forum you are creating as seen above will open more settings, you can create requirements for specific forum sections you create. Going through each tab, you have the ability to taylor the forum to your preference, from tag creation to topic verification. You also have the ability to add a specific forum icon to each section. Upon saving the forum, a permissions window will then appear asking which role groups will have access to the section. 


    Do not forget to save.


    as you can see, your forums will start to come together, happy creations :)

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