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  1. Sup + fo attempting to crash fights because they don’t find their 10v10 fun anymore. 0 impact. what a joke
  2. terror was too busy winning brew prep brah. The same preps your clan is extremely afraid to sign up for. 30 yr olds grown ass men scared of a game stimulator. Holy shit... Your trip ended when you heard thunderous terror big dicks stepped in wildy at 3:15.
  3. Was fun. Gf apex ty 4 fight. your organization was there, but your quality wasn’t. Taking advice from sup?
  4. I heard sup kids were cheerleading outside cwa waiting for apex to win a round so they can flame us... never happened. LOL. good dogs sup.
  5. You’re mad about a wizard game created in 2001. Are you really this slow irl too?
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