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  1. Thanks for the F2P action OG. Looking forward to many more in both servers.
  2. Astro pulling 17 when we pull consistently 45+.. . are they even considered rivals anymore? Sent to space without suits. #icantbreathe. Astro is just a PvP team now 🤣.
  3. "BORNFINNESSER, just departed from the moon" back to earth because you have 0 gas left, now you're just free falling to reality. Terror #1 you dumb hick.
  4. Tired of "pure" clans using tanks? Can't clear up tanks on your own? No worries, Terror is here for you, call 1-800-Terror. Rates may vary.
  5. welcome to the scene yall
  6. LMFAO #1 in propaganda.. BTW, why did your clan fall in "failed again" in full rune and hit us at ht ? If you can't compete in pure clanning, go main. No ones stopping you. Check out @ minute 3:20 in the first video how a tank is leading you. classless. SAD!
  7. As the saying goes, “Saturday’s are for the boys.” The lady zeniths can’t compete.
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