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  1. So you were really active until you joined antirev and died?
  2. nice losing topic where's the ending? also @slushpuppyisn't there a rule against using fake pictures on topics?
  3. Our world tracker informed us that Apex and BP had scheduled a fight for 6 PM EST Christmas Eve. The time came and we logged in the second it started BP teled out in under a minute ending the fight. We then mind controlled Apex into calling their entire alliance (rot, sv, ez, dk, zenith). 5 rev members baited 5 clans into cancelling their Christmas and all they could muster was 31 hours. We didn't expect anyone to try to NS the kings after the previous 314 hours just under a month ago, but we certainly didn't expect them to last less than 10% of their last attempt. This is truly the worst Christmas for anti-rev since Dull's Christmas heartbreak. Maybe next Christmas we'll let them call 2 clans per rev member... Maybe that'll be enough.
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