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  1. Team or Clan name:Pupz List of ambassadors present in Ambassador Discord Channel and their Discord Tag (if none, list of the people who will be representing your clan): Reas#5901 stally#7216 Name and Rank with Proof of it:Reas#5901 stally#7216 Lineup of Event:Reas, kye, Stally, Arro, Ethan, Riley, Gibbo, Marcus, Seb, Adrolt, JaJack, dwg, Pasco, Paul, Andre, Finn, Austin, Giggs, Colossal, Ben, Weak, Chief, Branden, Fel, Qrind, Maqic, Pasco. Bash. Lawi
  2. Pups (pm Fel#4603) Reas#5901 flower ar u there austin bash kye marcus reas ben stally fel vaizki devin paul qrind pasco ethan giggs george scaper ffsm8 bball
  3. So you were really active until you joined antirev and died?
  4. nice losing topic where's the ending? also @slushpuppyisn't there a rule against using fake pictures on topics?
  5. Our world tracker informed us that Apex and BP had scheduled a fight for 6 PM EST Christmas Eve. The time came and we logged in the second it started BP teled out in under a minute ending the fight. We then mind controlled Apex into calling their entire alliance (rot, sv, ez, dk, zenith). 5 rev members baited 5 clans into cancelling their Christmas and all they could muster was 31 hours. We didn't expect anyone to try to NS the kings after the previous 314 hours just under a month ago, but we certainly didn't expect them to last less than 10% of their last attempt. This is truly the worst Christmas for anti-rev since Dull's Christmas heartbreak. Maybe next Christmas we'll let them call 2 clans per rev member... Maybe that'll be enough.
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