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  1. No way they ran out of returns right 🤪
  2. Haha big nope. Ps don't join zenith
  3. That's a funky sense of humour you have
  4. This is eating me alive, but I need to tell you. I was the one who leaked the logs, Borzor blackmailed me for leaking rev intel to FOE. He told me to just export the logs and that'd be the end of it, he wouldn't post it anywhere, and I trusted him because I thought he was my friend. I want it known I NEVER leaked anything from FOE prior but my own fuck up with breaking a rule in KG put me in this situation, I did not want my IRL effected so I took the easiest route I saw and never intended to hurt FOE in anyway, I simply had nobody to ask for help and nowhere to go so I made the stupidest decision I could make. I do not want you guys to have the stress of a witch hunt and I don't want this anxiety eating me alive. I'm so fucking sorry I let any of this happen to my friends and to FOE. I panicked and fucked myself and FOE over because of it. I cannot tell you how sorry and how fucking stupid I am to put myself in this situation. You were right and I never should have trusted any of my so called friends. Thank you for the chance and your trust, and I am so fucking sorry for soiling your trust. I will be leaving so I dont have to put any more distrust on the clan. I pray you will not go after my IRL or pursue anything past this, because I mean it when I said this is the first and only time I fucked over FOE, and I can't continue to act like I did nothing wrong.

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