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  1. Ty for fight, pandemic, was really fun
  2. ty for fight, LC! Guess someone lost an ags LUL
  3. Ty for fight, TR! Real clans fight in wilderness. Shit clans lose in clw and try to crash real clans in wilderness.
  4. nice, but when are you accepting a f2p pkri with us? btw nice fake pic about d96 paying you 100m, really impressive.
  5. how is Wl supposed to beat arroz if they wont accept our war invitations?
  6. tbh i was mad seeing a team full of arroz members killing 20 of our members in a round. That shouldnt have happened. No excuses!
  7. Ty for fight foreigner LU members. Arroz who?
  8. Why is arroz so quiet these days? Where are they? Where do they live? OHHH They live at Clw. Only clw. You guys are the worst. You will NEVER even be a reasonable clan, just give up.
  9. Why dont i see anymore topics about ur clan wars on sharbrew? Did you guys closed or something? btw accept our uncapped requests, we have been asking for more than one fucking month lol
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