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  1. I think these are viable options. Now who is better at p2p clan wars / does more p2p inners/ preps between z and ly?
  2. ive noticed, hopefully MM re-opens ive heard some whispers
  3. Im not coming back to Apex so no point posting here in my topic all the Apex guys 🤪
  4. Hi i was a active member of apex for almost a year until kicked recently because i didn´t want to screen share them my private messages. I have clanned for many years and also been in Mayhem Makers, Unbreakable, Nameless, Silent Footsteps, Royal Boars, Angel Soldiers, Team-Genocide, Copper Spider Tribe, Sanguine Roses, Rage and many more i cant remember right now. Now looking for a new clan. 😄
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