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  1. Look at the salty dying 107 combat clans that cant pull looking surprised when lvl 70 1deffers dont want to join their clans where they are not allowed to participate in anything other then being a +1 untill they ruin their perfectly good pking accounts and turn them into shitty med level "pures" Keep it up zenith, dont worry about clanwars its pointless anyway keep reqruiting How can clans think beating pures with their med levels matched opts is quality lmfaooo
  2. I think these are viable options. Now who is better at p2p clan wars / does more p2p inners/ preps between z and ly?
  3. ive noticed, hopefully MM re-opens ive heard some whispers
  4. Im not coming back to Apex so no point posting here in my topic all the Apex guys 🤪
  5. Hi i was a active member of apex for almost a year until kicked recently because i didn´t want to screen share them my private messages. I have clanned for many years and also been in Mayhem Makers, Unbreakable, Nameless, Silent Footsteps, Royal Boars, Angel Soldiers, Team-Genocide, Copper Spider Tribe, Sanguine Roses, Rage and many more i cant remember right now. Now looking for a new clan. 😄
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