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  1. Your entire website's existence is based on propaganda
  2. FI members are reading these topics and realizing just how garbage FI is.
  3. Voting for Biden is like voting for Rev Legend and Exodus (which DC did and threw away their clan/hard work on)
  4. Fucking FI dogs stop running and fight. No stamina or quality just brain-dead propaganda from your sub-par ranks
  5. When Zenith's done with FI you'll be lucky to pull 30. Fucking garbage clan run by garbage men
  6. I'm never removing my boot from FI's throat you fucking dogs l000000000000l

  7. If you're a Fatality member reading this get out now! You don't want to be around for what we're gonna do that clan

  8. Fatality is full of obese losers and weirdos who dedicated their lives to OSRS, just to end up 1 iteming and losing

  9. I'm not going to bother arguing over this, but as an ex-FI myself it seems you're just dragging FI's reputation further into the ground with propaganda. I expected better
  10. Changing the definition of what a loss is won't work for you. Apex was the last clan there, was at the fight location, was in gear, and the K/D tracker speaks for itself. From a completely non-biased view, FI lost this one. Take the loss because your members know the actual truth.
  11. Can't wait when Lithuania becomes relevant
  12. I can't even tell what fucking clan you're in, you got Rage, FI and Zenith sigs...Won't be long before you clan hop again you dumb breaker
  13. Don't let this topic distract people from the fact that FOE 'pre-doxes' their members
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