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  1. There's one clan that stand's above all. join fatality mate
  2. We heard this dogshit excuse of a clan was out in the wilderness, We promptly massed up 25 Green Men to go clear them. We waited for them to regroup and get everyone in a world. We sat listening to their teamspeak for the perfect opportunity to hit them. We found them all spread north and instantly started taking the Green Hairy Dick to their foreheads. Within minutes it was over, Legacy was cleared. We continuously hopped to their worlds while they tried to regroup, Unable to do so they split up and ended. 1 tomelis reacted to this
  3. Elve

    cwa Fearless vs Legacy F2P PREP 2-1 [35v35]

    Now i see why LY wont accept a prep against FI. Yall suck dicks. @Killa @Geekewuu2 rats.
  4. Was pretty ez my sv brother.
  5. All your clans have closed, and legacy is next. reconsider yours first, @Killawont accept a fight. i told him anytime,anywhere,any server.
  6. @Couckreply to couck with anything other then gibberish.
  7. I need to know what this means because im fucking confused. So after you say you'd give us 2 weeks, here we are on our 3rd week of domination. Today and Yesterday you had signups in the hopes that you would increase your pull and not lose so many demoralized members after 1 hit. Today we showed you exactly how irrelevant and garbage you are. Heres your only sunday trips video. Notice the length. 2:31 without the opening. Notice your first teleport. Just 25 seconds in. Heres what we at fatality saw. Your second teleport to Fatality. Heres what Fatality saw. Your third teleport to Fatality. Heres what Fatality saw. Your video didn't include the two other embarrassing times you got smoked. Are we even in a Rivalry? hello !Loc Legacy?
  8. ez @Lord Exwhat were you thinking trying to return idiot??? coucks in your head rent free
  11. You would think with Signups that Legacy would be able to put up a good fight, However this clan is backwards. We peaked at 74 Green Men for our P2P Sunday, Our sole objective was to show Legacy just how garbage they actually are. Everytime we hit them they would lose opts, The zammy staff members would have to go all the way to mage bank to return. We completely owned Sunday and proved once again why were are the current Kings of P2P. We asked Legacy for a fight, They were too afraid to defend so we decided to defend CA. We waited for them to rush and within 20 seconds of them rushing us the fight was over. We wrapped around them from the north and the south and started to destroy their members. We had a 20 kill lead within a minute. We continued east of CA on them, While they tried to regroup. We focused east and completely cleared them, We looted up and banked. We stayed right beside that shit excuse of a clan Legacy again, They went to defend FOG trying to bait us with FOE. We were not phased, We rushed Legacy and completely started to steamroll their north side. Eventually we started pushing south and found Critical Damage we turned around on them and started wrapping and aggressively killing them. Final Ownage Elites decided to rush from the south and got swatted out within seconds. We completely demolished FOE so hard, We eventually cleared every clan there and looted and went to bank. We knew Legacy and Intense Redemption were holding hands so we knew we had to clear LY in .5. We rushed them at FOG once again and within I swear another minute we had a 30 opt lead. We were heavy on the north side and once we completely cleared LY, Intense Redemption rushed we started smoking them north. We received word that LY was re rushing so we quickly cleared up IR and teleported to the bank. We heard Intense Redemption was at CA defending. We rushed them from the west and with a hard north side we started wrapping south and forcing them on the CA teleport. Eventually every clan came. We steamrolled through Critical Damage and Legacy when they both came to hit we turned around on them. We caught 20 randoms in a huge gwas and kill messages started popping up all over. We went east and cleared the rest of IR before FOE rushed we went to bank. We defended CA and waited for Legacy to hit us, We sat in multi for 5 minutes. Eventually LY rushed and got completely caught in the biggest clumps. We wrapped around them and sent them back to Edgeville for their 5th regroup of the day. We found the brainless idiots at Boneyard trying to avoid us, We rushed them from the east and caught them in a 15 man clump on their rush. We all just started laughing on teamspeak. There was no reason to call, they got completely steamrolled the entire time. We just cleared them up and smoked them. Looted our looties. @Jack @Native @Jaya
  12. Week 2: Electric Boogaloo. Three times we walked up to a matched Legacy and teled to GDZ. Three times they declined a fight. At this point you are merely wasting your members time as well as ours. It's truly a travesty when the incompetence of a handful of people wastes the time of dozens. Do yourselves a favor and either roll over or grow a pair. High 70 pull peaking just over 80 on teamspeak. Ending TS opts 72. A dominant sunday showcasing our ever-growing wilderness performance. Shoutout ir btw vids speak for themselves Yours Truly: @Schweden @X jen selter @Jack @NOT2bFKedWIT @Yak @Its me crvo
  13. Week 2 Lord Ex - Today at 3:47 PM "fi ur crashing us up opts then we originally started w/ grats l0l" BOO FUCKING HOO FAGGOT. Since our friends over at Legacy opened their mouths, We have outperformed them on every aspect of this game. Today was no exception, We Massed up 80 Green Men and completed steamrolled them in their server. We maintained 75+ the entire trip and completely demolished every single clan today. We heard those inbreds were sitting at sperm with the exact same opts as us. We rushed them from the northeast and instantly started sending them south. Our quality and their lack there of was clear from the start. We took a 10 kill lead, then a 20. Supremacy crashed and we didnt stop, We continued on Legacy while SUP sniped us from behind. We chased LY to Chaos Alter as they desperately tried to get a regroup, We had them down to 30 ingame, When they decided to run north and free for all log out. We camped them into graveyards and killed every single last retard. We found Intense Redemption at GDZ spamming "kings of gdz" (weird flex) so we decided to rush them. We instantly send them running and killed the majority of their stragglers and people we caught in the back. We returned to GDZ and sat on our throne. https://i.gyazo.com/ad16f6f44f1208821eb2cb0b8513aef6.mp4 We heard these inbreds were around 13 ports, We rushed them at FOG and instantly they started running east. Final Ownage Elites thought they could do something but they are completely irrelevant we stayed on them and chased them all the way into singles, We then camped them down to level 1 and sent them on another regroup. (At this point Legacy's pull had dropped by 15) We found Final Ownage Elites at 13 ports and started smoking them sending them running south, They turned around near level 7 wilderness and started to attempt to fight back. We had similar opts and then we took complete control of the fight, We lured them north and started smoking them south, caught a bunch of binds on retards sticking out and began to cycle with them south. Dogshit came to aid their boyfriends but that didnt work, We started hitting them instead and camped them down to singles and level 1 once again. KYP dogs. AT THIS POINT LEGACY KNEW THEY COULDNT COMPETE, THEY HAD DROPPED FROM 70 TO 40 INGAME AND WE WERE TWO STEPS AHEAD OF THEM EVERY TIME. THEY DECIDED TO GOTO CLAN WARS AND END THEIR TRIP AN HOUR INTO IT.
  14. Very questionable logic behind their clan. Cant compete bring mains and invites and call foe.
  15. 2 months of being complete garbage with mains and 0 quality. grats on going from 70-40 in a hour and getting 3-0'd by IR. Theres always tomorrow right l0l0l0ll0l00l0
  16. Its like wack a mole, just with red dots and ugly legacy members.
  17. Unlucky for sure. I was a corrupted pure brother.
  18. whipped it up quick, almost as fast as we ended them today.
  19. u wut idiot? https://clan-fi.org/forum/75-fatality-events-archive/