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  1. I'm actually more excited how @holydreamswill get boycotted in his own clan.
  2. Imagine being irrelevant for 5 years , starting to get your shit together again but then fucking it up all in one weekend LMFAO Imagine taking things out of game. GL lmfao.
  3. Ps @slushpuppy can you please unban my account (Yourclangotbodied) ❤️ have been banned for 5 months.
  4. @Proccy why the fuck are you talking shit when you clan is in shambles .... imagine your main leader to not be active on weekend trips because he doesn't give a single F anymore. imagine that FOE's members haven't listened to any calls since Adhi & / or Divine left the rank team lmfao. Are you feeling like you're the top dog after pulling 73 last sunday? remember what happened last time....you're whole rank team got exposed for toxicity and pre-doxing your own members. Do you need attention because you've made a topic about Fi & Z? haven't seen you on here in 2 weeks LOL focus on your own clan. not what's going on around you when you can't participate.
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