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  1. Nice showing old cc pic’s, keep using that every week! Vid showed all that needed to be, u losing in wildy every single fight against us.. og=sharkbrew warriors
  2. Na not really u just starting about 250m again, nothing about getting ur ass kicked..
  3. We dont need mains for pure pking little scoop.... mis je wel een beetje hoor, vooral die onzin die je hier ook uitkraamt:)
  4. Loool bp on top dogshit clan og gj in avoiding, hitting us in single and dropping like little bitches👏🏻
  5. Just fight us sunday and dont hide...
  6. Maybe the biggest victim upper jood is comming back?
  7. It was fun gf guys, but to claim the victory is a little delusional we smoked ur ass:)>
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