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  1. | Today we headed out with 41 Sharks, later peaking at 50. We started off the trip by having a nice 1v1 at Corp Hill vs. Supremacy. 5 minutes into the fight Adamant Fury decided to crash and all three clans headed to singles. Expecting us to run away, Adamant Fury started off the fight with very high energy. The second we logged in our super pures however, they got really quiet. In 2 minutes, we had already put more in our capes then them. They instantly took capes off out of embarrassment. A FUCKING BATTLESCAPE CLAN HAD MORE MAINS TODAY THAN ADAMANT FURY. We kicked back and put our accounts on autopilot, killing main after main after main. In a mere fucking hour, we tucked these fat foreigners in and kissed them goodnight. They started booking it east, leaving the location we had been fighting at for over an hour, logging out and simultaneously accepting defeat. Thanks for the free hype, that was a lot easier than we expected. Think twice before you fuck with Apex, we don't fucking lose.
  2. Put your bias aside and accept the fact that he was innocent. How could we record the same 14 man channel 2 minutes after he was kicked if he was truly the leak? Not only was he innocent, he was a loyal member that Fatality ranks (Blissful, Roman) and members (Instinct, Arraz) scammed for 4 accounts and 1B+ in GP. That's fucking disgusting.
  3. @Fatalitylost 3 preps and 3 members all in the last 24 hours thanks to jamz
  4. @Danny Phantom how did you lose to this shit clan you useless fuck
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