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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatalily started off the day with a pre-mass PK trip at Slayer Caves / 26 Hill, managing to smite Hydra for a Staff and x3 Tome's and a few other whales. Afterwards, Fatality massed up 20 green men for a matched ops 30 min pkri with Supremacy at Bandit camp, Supremacy defended on the east side, while we rushed from the west. The fight went back and forth we Fatality focusing on the Lava and the tele spot with Supremacy on the south side and east side. After a clean 30 minute fight peaking at 27 Ops and with opts at 20 to 17 in game, we spammed GF SUP, and teleported out.
  2. Resorting to comment on Fi aftermaths cause fo hasnt posted one in 6 weeks l0000000000l free kraken btw, f3 protect 1 item, click the pink potion.
  3. Been an amazing few weeks @ fi hq, wondering when fo hq gonna get it together, everyone in pure scene is waiting for the inevitable closing doors topic
  4. is there even an anti foe clan tbh? you're not competition what so ever & you bend knee to every other clan so u dont get mopped 1v1 l0000000000l
  5. l0l0l treat these nuts maggot, our mains sat @ ferox all day. who r u?!?! l0l0l
  6. l0l our mains sitting at ferox constitutes this post? next time get a picture of these mains @ an actual fight, attacking pures, until then, pipe down you maggot, nobody knows you.
  7. same way we responded to zenith using mains. demoralizing them & violating their clan with just pures.
  8. The fact that you literally do nothing productive for foe & still type so much is pathetic lol, exilent counter doesnt lie, you mutts had 40 mains in your cape and still got walked to singles you low stamina rat
  9. Getting tired of these +1 meat shields in sharkbrew discord typing and having no clue what goes on in their own ranks chat l0l.. @K2Pquit lying to your clan you maggot l0000000000000000000000l
  10. loooooooooooool, sounds like alot of avoiding on apeg part! FI 1-0 still lmfaooooooooooo
  11. Was an Ez win for Fi. Noxthenosepeg & apeg themselves have a combined 54 iq & its been proven.
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