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  1. L000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000L
  2. Was an amazing trip. Ty for clean pure on pure action LY
  3. Idk why you're talking about apex anyways but that's not what happened and has been rehashed so many times. Can't wait to 3-0 Fo or watch Fo drop out of this tournament l0l Yes, Fi is fine. Pulling about the same as other clans. Wondering why fo is too scared to come without mains. LOL
  4. Another win for mother fatality in the wilderness of runescape!
  5. The purple portal also mattered then too hence why we had a great prep record. Never forget that apex refused to follow the rules and sit to matched and we were 1-0 in that prep. Another win for mother fi. Fi is just fine despite what your dogfo leadership says. We aren't the main clan pretending to be pures like fo is.
  6. Fo was the one who needed the mains first. Tell me the date we brought mains first. I will wait. Also you're delusional lmao Can't wait until Fo drops out of the SB tournament to avoid us even harder. Mains don't go in the purple portal btw
  7. You're delusional if you think your shitter clan had anything to do w that. In fact ur shitter clan didn't hit us until we had lower opts, and even then it was with +40 mains. Losers
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