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  1. ofcourse zenith dk and vr in a merged cc l0000000000l @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER @Zenith E-Girl what clans u gonna ask for help next when rots not around l0l
  2. its so weird u know so much about me and i have ZERO clue or care of who u are l0l
  3. kinda weird yall never have vids l0l keep coping ur clan is easy droze i closed u and elves discord do something about it l0l
  4. After our "scouts" detected a prep for DR(doxing retards)/420 we massed up the warriors to hit as soon as the fight started. Due to being able to mass the finest warriors in more than one time zone we headed out to see if they would fight back today, and surprisingly they did. The efforts didn't last very long, however, the slave alliance group chat was spammed, clan chats were merged and the efforts failed faster than the Russian invasion on Kyiv. After a short 2 hours, the slaves tapped out due to running out of sets. After they left we took our ending and left, wondering did they really run out of sets, or just stamina? https://beyond-control.com
  5. why tf all my fans tagging me in weeks old audio you have a legit pedophile in ur clan ur all disgusting losers l0l
  6. Today (once again) my little birdy told me zenith was out in caves trying to cosplay per usual. Knowing elve likes to be below 18 in game and irl we decided to mass up and stop him from scaring someone else. Quickly massing up 25 we knew there was no way they could stop us. Full cleared once again zhitters its like jumpstreet all over again. P.S if you won post a topic i dare you l0l
  7. cry pussy boy id do the same to ur whole clan l0l
  8. im gonna dox ur whole clan l0l tell elve be ready for packages
  9. elvey touched kids and u weird niggas worried about parents splitting up dont be madd when i retaliate l0l
  10. ding=rot ? worst mistake u ever made see u saturday l0l
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