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  1. WL asked us for a longer prepped fight for their anniversary, and knowing these F2P wilderness clusters can be some of the most fun, we agreed and starting prepping our warriors for battle. Day of the fight came around and we were well organized, pulling 72 for the start, later peaking at 85. The fight started between WL and us at West Tree and immediately the battle was heated. WL had a huge pull to almost match ours, so things were fierce right off the hop. We went back and forth for about 25 minutes. The action was so hot that ~50 RoT members were being charged $99USD for the PPV of the fight on their meds, too afraid to dip their toes in and join the fun cluster we had scheduled just for them. While both clans had high spam, with Tim there, the fight was going very well for us. We transitioned from pile to pile, catching magers and rangers who were outside the clump and easy pickings. Eventually we just started to feel pity for RoT's viewing party. After they killed Brian's spare, we gave them the ol' one-two and chased them towards mossies, before cutting back and immediately resuming at RDG. By this time, we had gained up to 80+ and cut down ~20 for WL to even the numbers. We formed a line and snared the fallin RoT carried around west rocks over and over again. Meanwhile, the cluster continued untouched as they worked out their next strategy. Hearing the action was going on, Rev massed up a few friends and fought RoT nearby at spiders with our AC unit, effectively clearing them over and over again as WL / Tempest scrapped at RDG. The 1.5 hour cap was concluding and so we took our fall in and got our ending pics completed untouched. There were no snipers or barrages to hit us because there simply were no RoT left on the battlefield to do damage! Thanks for the fun action out there, happy anniversary WL, and hope there are even more clans at the next one!
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  5. Tempest vs Wilderland We hit up Wilderland for some weekday CWA action. Round 1 was an intense run-in that WL kept close in the beginning, but we pulled through 10 kills in, and never dropped the lead. Afterward, we proceeded to do four knockout rounds. Wilderland kept it close but with some solid tanking and calling we managed to secure solid leads each round and pull away. Thanks for the fight Wilderland -- looking forward to next time. Round 1 [CWRI: First to 50] Round 2 [KO] Round 3 [KO] Round 4 [KO] Round 5 [KO]
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