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  1. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were chilling on teamspeak when a little birdie told me that OFA + AC + OC were in the same clan chat at chins, We quickly massed up 20+ Zenith Members and went to smoke them over and over again. We quickly went up and they moved to slayer caves, This was perfect and we logged into them and cleared them up with ease X2. They would spend the next 20 minutes trying to mass up every single individual in the clanning world but it wasnt enough. They went back to black demons and we hit them for the 3rd time and cleared them up. And then we hit their regroup at CA, And then we farmed them at CA for 10 minutes we cleared them up again. We waited for them to come back up for the 6th time, and once they did we logged into them and once again mollywhopped them and cleared them up. We caught a couple spams and went to edgeville and watched them end their trip. We continued Pking and made stank loot. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  2. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We heard there was some stanky lootations in the wilderness so we massed up the Pk Squad and headed out into the wilderness. All in all we Pked over 30M in 24 hours and cleared every small team in the wilderness. Unfortunately every single clan was extremely dead over the weekend and cosplayed with their fake mothers. We made bank loot untouched.
  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD With every #Anti-Zenith clan going into hibernation and hiding, Zenith has continued to dominate the midweek and weekend wilderness. We have officially taken over the Pure Community so far all in 2022 and there's no chance were giving it back to anyone. We were super excited for our P2P Sunday and to once again eat every single pure clan. We massed up 60 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 65 Mountain Men for our P2P Sunday. No clan came remotely close to us in pulls all pulling between 20-40, Unfortunately our rivals Legacy pulled 8 People and cancelled their trip. Rage cancelled their trip. Fatality had a joint trip on meds and mains. Blunt Pures pulled 20 with BC/REV. Congratulations on 4 Clans combining in a open CC and pulling only 60 = Blunt Pures + Rage + Revenant + OG/HEROS/VENNIES. https://i.gyazo.com/356510ef0f3127770ff787e5e79fe9bf.mp4 @Travis POINT OF VIEW @cookies POINT OF VIEW We heard Fatality was spread at bandits with revenant and Blunt Pures under them in a different world, It didn't matter how many clans they had teaming with them we still would demolish through them. We logged into Fatality and started barraging them northeast as they were in massive clumps. We laughed at them and continued to push north and chased them until they called to teleport out and spent the next 35 minutes spamming in singles. We went southwest on Blunt Pures who had logged in with 20 doggies, We pushed them far south and eventually cleared them up. Next it was Revenants turn on level 80's, We started barraging through them and one hit through them at bandits. Once they were fully cleared we caught a spam and teleported to the bank. We watched as Fatality and Terror spent 30 minutes at ferrox spamming each other, We logged in and laughed at both clans and eventually they called rev for help spamming. We told them to teleport up and they would try to setup a fight with Terror at GDZ that would get blown up within seconds. We logged in southwest of GDZ and started barraging the fight north of GAP. Within seconds we had cleared up most parties and it was only Revenant left and Terror. We pulled Revenant east to GDZ and started smiting through them in seconds. We heard Terror was coming from the west side of lava dragons so we went to intercept them. We ran through them like a tank on the battlefield. We murdered every single dog in the wilderness and once they were all cleared we caught a bank. We went back to GDZ when we heard Blunt Pures was sitting with their thumb's up their ass waiting to get smoked, We logged in west of GDZ and started barraging through them and within seconds we were speccing them out and sending them back to edgeville. We murdered through the west side and once they were cleared up west we pushed them back east and cleared up their returners. Once they were all cleared we kept pushing them east towards newgate and once at new gate we ran south and caught a bank. We listened to both doggy clans try to setup a fight and they went to edge bridge and tried to fight at level 1. We logged in west of Fatality while they were at ditch and we chased Terror north and took Fatality's fight. They sat at the bridge and didn't move when we logged in with 65 Zenith Members and chased Terror all the way into Ferrox after clearing the majority of them up. Our teamspeak3 exploded with laughter as we chased Terror and Stole Fatality's Fight. Thanks Anime FGTS! We spammed Terror and Fatality who were still at ferrox not moving after we ended their fight, We went east and walked to CA. We spread at CA and caught a spam and Revenant logged in southwest just as we wanted and we started barraging through them in mire seconds, The first wave of Revenant was gone and we cleared them up and waited for them to try that again. This time Kattri decided it was a good idea to log in southeast of CA and rush in a massive clump. We caught the barrage and spread around them and started huffing and puffing and blew them all up. We laughed at them and we went north and killed the remaining naked kids and once again caught another fall in and waited for them to come back. It was clear they were demoralized after that MASSIVE CLUMPEY they got in and unfortunately their trip was over.
  4. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were hungry for our daily PK Trip so we massed up 15 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 20 Zenith Mountain Men to clear the wilderness, We headed out to our loot caves and quickly found Scope and cleared them up on pures. We heard OFA was out and we logged into their world at black demons and killed 3 of them west and then ran east and murdered through their entire clan. We heard there was stanky loot out deep so we dusted off the big boys and went to GDZ and logged into OFA once more at GAP and cleared them up. We then went to vetion and started fighting Bullfrogs for around 10 minutes, We transitioned around the tree's and eventually cleared them up. We caught a quick bank and went back up and baited them to log in again, They logged in and so did Deathrow. We began to fight both clans and it began a massive cluster. The fight raged on for the better half of half a hour and eventually we pushed Bullfrogs south and we cleared them up at corp, We caught a fall in and a spam and teleported out.
  5. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were hungry after we had a drop party hosted for us by Control Pker, We quickly massed up 30 Zenith Members and went into the wilderness. We cleared out the slayer caves and started baiting and macing. It was pretty dead but we still secured a couple kills and we headed to altar and fought Latin Unit X2 and killed them both times. We went to scopia and fought some random singles team and cleared them up.
  6. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We received a alarm notice from our dutch security officers @Nick & @0 il of lesser intelligent dutch downies massing for a Pk Trip that needed to be ended. We quickly gathered 15 Dutch Refugee reclaim agents and went into the slayer caves. Intel indictated that the varmin were hiding at Greaters, We logged in and intercepted the targets and gunned them all down 1k between greaters and jellies. We waited and listened and their regroup forces were headin to black demons. We set up ambush team alpha and once again logged in and smoked them back to the hills of downyland. We Pked for a total of 3 hours and cleared out everything in the wilderness, I guess if you AINT DUTCH, YOU AINT MUCH.
  7. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan Massed up 20 EST shooters, to steamroll the wilderness per usual. Being the MOST ACTIVE Pure Clan in the game, we had yet another event this week untouched. 120M+ Maced/Pked, including an Ancient Godsword. Anti-Zenith was nowhere to be found as all their clans are completely dead and in comas because of the beatdowns we have been giving them daily. Once again another successful event for Zenith, and BANK MADE. Zenith vs - Whales
  8. It is to no surprise anymore that no clan can compete with Zenith. Every single clan that has attempted to rival us and coordinate with each other has been completely broken and slammed. Today was no different, we were massed for a 20 Man PK Trip and wiped through OC/BP, OFA ,LY within the first 2 minutes of starting our trip. For the next hour BP+FI+OC+REV+LY all coordinated and massed up as many people in an attempt to fight back. Over an hour later (while we maced and pked freely in slayer caves), they were able to muster about 35 people in an open clan chat. https://i.gyazo.com/b7c98f94bb1870aadffe957957e0c5de.mp4 Locked and ready with the 40 Mountain Men - ready to slam the fuck out of them, we awaited at chaos alter, in their world, and waited for them to rush. From the get go, we slaughtered everyone. The fight was not even close. Their whole alliance got pushed around the wilderness and slammed/maced. Eventually after 30 minutes, every single person in "Tony Buck" clan chat was completely de-geared and naked. The videos will speak for itself, thank you so much for feeding us once again. It should be known to the clan world that these are the fights that we live for. Six Clans, One Clan Chat, One Massive Buffet. If you find yourself annoyed and pissed off your clan isn't independent and cant pull alone, message cookies#1337 on discord to discuss your possibilities of joining the Best Pure Clan on this game. TY 4 LOOTS/ TY 4 STAFF BP
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