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  1. iroh#5815 •Droze#5555 For Way Out MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We heard there was action about to go down so we quickly massed up 35 Zenith Members and went and invited ourselves to it. The fight location was 13 ports and the fight was Misfits vs Unwanted vs Fatality. We of course joined in, We figured every clan would team on us and we welcomed the challenge. We logged in and instantly started chasing down Misfits and pushing them around like doggies. We followed them to every regroup and we took the in between time to destroy through Fatality. We would spend 15 minutes transitioning through both clans and once they were done and FI got cleared at FOG and Misfits went to ferrox singles, We caught a spam at CA and went to the bank. @Lavas POV @Dirty Max POV @Eric
  2. Zenith | #1 PvP Clan Pm To Join Zenith : Droze#5555 / iroh#5815 Discord.gg/pure
  3. This is how you do it ziggies pm me to leak ur dogshit clans
  4. “Famous rs pure clan (Shiterror) @Lord Exgrab some balls and unblock on discord dawg LOL” Droze#5555 to Join Zenith
  5. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD The Pure Clanning Community has become completely stagnant there hasn't been any competition for Zenith in 2022. We have completely demoralized and broken every declining inactive pure clan left in the scene. Today we wanted to murder the remaining clans whom dared to go out today. Unfortunately these clans have become comfortable with pulling low 20's and mid 15's, However our pursuit of excellence continues and We massed up 60 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 70+ Mountain Men for our P2P Sunday Trip. We ran a train through every clan in the wilderness today, We spend absolutely zero time banking and spent all of our time murdering anyone in the wilderness. Anyone in the wilderness we found them and destroyed them within seconds. We painted the wilderness a pleasent Zenith Blue and once again proved why were the best pure clan in the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6E7XeeCfUM https://youtu.be/jIhqCvp1V4U We heard that Legacy & Blunt Pures were about to fight at mossies, We waited sitting in multi at CA and once the fight started we logged in and ran north east and barraged through both clans within seconds. We pulled on LY & Mesly who went east and cleared them up at spider hill, We pushed west on Blunt Pures and murdered through them and ref within seconds. Once all the shit clans were cleared we caught a spam and walked south and banked our looties. After this we waited for over 20 minutes as both clans would join a joint clan chat "Ddo s" and slowly make their way back up. Once these clans got in the same clan chat we waited for them to head back out to GDZ, We waited for them to fight and once they started we logged in and ran ontop of them. We pushed Legacy south towards GAP and cleared them up, We ran north on Blunt Pures and barraged them along the gate and started pushing them west. We cleared up both clans and waited for their boyfriends, Their boyfriends logged in (Naked) and got in a 30 man clump on rush led by a wheelchair warrior. We barraged them out and cleared them up within seconds. We laughed at them and caught a couple spams and went to the bank. These clans (Blunt Pures,Legacy,Mesly,Revenant,Rage,BC) all in the same cc all at GDZ in 1 item, We quickly geared up and went to GDZ and logged in and started barraging the fight. Within seconds we turned the map completely purple and wiped out everyone else in the area. Irrelevant logged in west and we exploded them within seconds before they could even type with their fingers. Once they were cleared up we barraged the GDZ hut until it was cleared and once it was cleared we moved east and took a ending after demolishing everyone.
  6. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We Pked all day, we didn't stop.... After we claimed 100M we were extremely hunger for my lootation, We massed up 20 Zenith Members and hit everything in sight. We knew OFA was out with 17 and we asked them for a fight at chins, We rushed them with 11 and fought for 10 minutes before we would demolish through. We cleared them up and teleported to edgeville and banked our lootations. We asked them for another round and they decided to call #Anti-Zenith, However it didn't matter we fought down 15 against 2 clans and raggers and after 30 minutes the fight ended the same as all of our others, We caught a fall in at CA and caught a spam and went to edgeville and flamed the doggy OFA kids. We managed to take a Elder Maul off "Juicy J" and managed to take "Montana's ZGS, We laughed at them at bit and went back to PKING after they ended their trip. We lured for the next couple hours and made stanky looties.
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