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  1. @Lay u downman saying fake topics lmfaooooooooooooo its all on screenshot’s why u scared cuz u snake
  2. Blame vortex no action for u rats keep fighting meds/mains till u close
  3. @Godsplanso u confirming i made u login 1 def thats a good move
  4. @TeaNoWayyou done shit victim i can pull 70 with applicants but no new ppl till they verify tank test u pulling 50 with 3 clans in ur voice retard wake up med 1 item clan
  5. mother jumpstreet massed up 50 pitbulls peaking at 54 wihtout our applicant's PM droze#5555 on discord for way out Fight 1 : we got intel their is a cluster going at fog in pvp world we squaded up quickly went to edge ditch and hopped we found foe east killed alot of them rushed east fought LY after few mins our victims hopped west of us we rushed them killed hell of them made all the rest of them tele out . fight 2 : Our second fight was scheduled v HYDRA we went to edge ditch then clan hopped on them we moved quickly 55 pitbulls hopped to help HYDRA we destroyed evrey clan ,after 25mins fighting ,,our victims had 4 clans in their voice they hopped on us we killed all their pures they ran north we chased them north made all of them cry on voice “Return quick” “Get Here” imagine having 4 clans on ur voice and still pulling 50 and losing embaressing , we squaded up quickly and went back to the wildy after main clan crashed , we seen zenith,fatality,,apex, Bluntshit was on singles idk why . Fight 3 : Our third fight was scheduled v hydra but we had quick hit we got intel our victims entered the wildy when we dipped out so we squaded up quickly to hit them again we hopped at edge ditch rushed them east ran into them they pushed north so they can hit uss on meds but we managed to chase them we chased them north killed all their pures smited hella of them (wildy nfs for bp pures) We made bp login meds n mains . Imagine killing 13 years clan with only members 80% of our ranks inactive more than 2 months wait till they back u getting close for sure. Js ended the trip as usual winning = fearless = vr = intensity = intensity = med aka vortex = vr more and more idh time to post L0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000L bp in 1 item again. PM droze#5555 for way out
  6. Big cap faggots js did this to you you massed up 45 ppl peaked 52 and ended 35 stop crying i peaked 54 (without any clan in my voice) retards
  7. our scheduled pkri v intensity was 15 v 15 we heard bluntshit thinking to crash it when JS members heard our victims is coming joined directly was waiting for our enemies to crash our fight but sorry they couldn't pull . thats so funny intensity ty 4 action brothers was fun we had a great pkri v intensity 30mins + pm droze#5555 on discord for way out #1 pure clan
  8. @John_boy_90you should come home! experienced rank waiting for you
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