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  1. Because you are a lonely man with low esteem, instead of doing something with your life you like to put other people down to make yourself feel better. Keep bumping my post. Fucking loser.
  2. Your life must be real shit for someone that’s 40, all i see is you typing negative shit on topics to get attention on a runescape forum for pure clans. Get a life bro, no one knows who you are or cares about what you think.
  3. Who the fuck are you? Get your old ass out of here grandpa, no one cares about runescape history, da fuck is wrong with this 40 year old virgin…
  4. Your only topic for the past 2 months is on Father’s day where no other clan is out against a med clan. Wildy is dead, either adapt or your clan won’t get any legit action
  5. Why you act like your clan is so active during sundays, sunday trips have been dead for months. If your clan has any quality at all, join the tournament and try to win…. But we all know your clan is shit. Sit dog
  6. did you guys have a good trip? I see no action, no kill pics and no pov on your site except for a 12 man spam. The wildy scene is dead for pures. Get better in clan wars if you guys want any action at all. GG
  7. since you care so much about our postings, here are 2 more wins that we had this week that was not posted. https://clan-fi.org/topic/96889-fatality-vs-terror-p2p-mini-4-1/?tab=comments#comment-1397565 https://clan-fi.org/topic/96891-fatality-vs-terror-f2p-prep-2-0/
  8. That's why we are the best at what's available to the pure scene right now, clan war is the only thing left where pures can thrive without getting crashed by 100 mains. Too bad pussy clans are too scared to have a loss, you know who they are.
  9. Here is our pov, see if you can find 1 venny in that video in our cape. Good luck The lesson here is don't believe everything your leadership tells you.
  10. wait, why are you guys acting like you have any impact in the pure scene anymore? Your clan has done nothing the last month so your leadership didn't bother with a single aftermath topic the last month. At least terror has the balls to fight us, what do you guys offer? https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/144800-foes-sunday-30-eagles-slump-the-pure-scene/ https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/144829-foes-sunday-cleansing-the-pure-scene/ https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/144839-16-years-of-trash-fis-worst-anni/
  11. And this is you guys shitting the bed again
  12. We no longer consider you guys as any legit competition, we’ve moved on to bully terror instead.
  13. I think it’s hilarious that both clans are on their anni, we could’ve had a fun 1 vs 1 with pures. But for some reason you guys bring rot every week. Did you really think you guys had a great trip when the fights end as soon as rot comes?
  14. wait today is Zenith's 4th birthday trip????????? Why the fuck do I only see mains in your cape typing "Rot this" "Rot that" in your POV? are you guys seriously whipped that bad by them where you had to include them on your birthday????????
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