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  1. and the last time you guys won a prep in p2p was against FOE on December 12, 2020, come on brucey, you can't call someone else fat when you are 286 pounds.
  2. good luck with the event, you guys have a good idea but the definition of a "world" cup is to allow other qualified entities to join. If you really want to earn respect from other clans and not just your own, let the best of each clan duke it out while hosting.
  3. aww, did i hurt your little feelings? I didn't mean to be so direct, keep up the good work Apex!
  4. Are you guys seriously proud? I would think a clan with any sort of self esteem would be embarrassed to show face especially when you are the warlord after pulling a one item stunt like that. I hope Apex would at least try to be competitive in the future, because it's really sad to see what you guys have become.
  5. here is the troll once again talking out of his ass. How do you not know making a topic after weekend trips is a standard way for relevant clans to tell their side of the story... your leadership can't bother making a topic because literally no one in the pure scene cares about how terror is doing on a p2p Sunday, think about what you write before you do, or all you are doing is just embarrassing yourself. p.s. literally no one cares that you are the best p2p ranger in a clan called Horizon in 2017, if this is your proudest achievement, just stop playing
  6. Dude, I get you bro. You must be so ashamed of your clan's history so you subconsciously come here to remind us how we've dominated the pure scene for 15 years. Don't worry, you clan will get there in 13 years, I believe in you.
  7. I am not sure if you are delusional or your clan needs the emotional boost, but if you watch your own pov, you will realize in this picture you posted, we are literally to the west of you guys. The reason why we got off of you and went after rage is because every time we rushed you guys, you ran straight to single, your own pov/screenshot even shows how close you guys are fighting near the singles line. Also it's ok to feel insecure, the fact that you literally repeat the same thing five times in your own thread, it's a little sad tbh, but hey keep doing what you do or we wouldn't be having nearly as much fun.
  8. just when you thought you had a little bit of momentum..... we are just on another tier. don't stop prepping us now, you only get better when you fight the best.
  9. Really dude? Let me make it very clear for ya, according to your website, you guys only won 5 preps since June and they are all f2p. And it's well known in the community and confirmed by your own ranks that the reason you guys don't prep anyone especially us is because of your leader does not want to lose. It's a weak minded mentality but I kind of understand, if my clan was falling apart, I wouldn't want us to be discouraged anymore than what it is.
  10. Those comments never came out of the ranks. love how we've been double prepping you guys every week, so we can all get better together. and btw apex, if you guys prepped as much as you guys talked, you would gain more respect from the pure community.
  11. hell yea, it's boring at the top, it's not that you are intimidating, we just like to pick on the weak minded, it brings so much joy. Please don't let us down
  12. No offence, but #1 or not, that's pretty subjective, anyone can lose a prep, and we learn from our every lost, but we certainly win a LOT more than we lose. And as for Apex, you guys are no longer the same clan you once were, just look at how often you guys prep in 2020 vs now, it's all on your website, as a warlord for a long time, you should know that better than anyone. If you are that confident that your clan is better, than lets set something up. In the meantime, anything anyone says on here or discord means nothing. To me, there is nothing better than a rivalry in clanning, that's why I play the game.
  13. I see you on every one of our topics, it's ok to feel insecure about your clan, but you don't have to make fun of us to make yourself feel better. I used to have respect for you guys, don't be that person man.
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