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  1. @Interrupt kids brain washed by a Peedo cant take em seriously
  2. funny you should say that since your clan hides on lvl 70-80s who dun it?
  3. Sparta


    6 years later still not closed jajajaja
  4. Big doc possibly was going for dick in name but didnt want ban Either that or is fake doctor from zeniff
  5. if you work on runelite please for fuck sakes bring over player indicators extended the menu option is great which the runelite does not have
  6. RIP also fuck you jagex
  7. Cry what cry are you ok? if you have a lead why the fuck sit on it instead of jump on it
  8. #1 joke clan more like give me one reason why you decided to spam a CC instead of hit it?
  9. why didnt you step up and hit LY at Gdz? speakup! really curious as to why you had no balls yet claim to be #1 pure clan. tell everyone why you spammed CC instead of Hit
  10. Go suck off daddy Rot and pray your IP doesnt get leaked dumb fuck Speaking of low IQ why didnt you Hit LY instead of spamming CC like a Retard? **cough pussys**
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