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  1. Not a good look leading up to your anni trip. Big difference without having 15-20 OFA in your cc like last sunday.
  2. LOL even your own boyfriends flame you @Sturg @Legacy 2022


  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD With the midweek activity in the Pure Community becoming solely Zenith's and Zenith's wilderness only, We were excited for our P2P Sunday trip and we massed up 50 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 55 Mountain Men for our P2P Sunday. Today's Trip consisted of us getting hits in against every clan out and even with BP & Rage sharing CC's with main clans this didn't stop us from destroying them. We had the most action and the most time in the wilderness and demolished every clan that came near us. We heard that Blunt Pures were moving towards CA and we went to hit them, We logged in and started hitting BP east near the tree's of CA and continued smoking them as they fled around like chickens, Irrelevant logged in to try to save them and we turned our focus from BP's Pures to Rev's Pures that were clumped in the east tree's of CA. We pulled north and started demolishing through Revs clumps and BP pures mixed throughout. BP Teleported out and Rev got fully cleared and we heard Rage had teleported up to CA and we went to hit them. We teleported in and instantly charged west and started transitioning through Rage kids and eventually pushed them all to singles, Once they were in singles we went back east and teleported out when everything was cleared. We heard that Terror had made its way to graves and we went to go hit them, We logged in north and started hitting them east and eventually started pushing them around like the dogs they are. They tried to flee north into the tree's and we stayed on them and cleared them up from behind and pushed them everywhere they went. Once we cleared them up we focused west on Irrelevent who had logged in and tried to save terorr from being cleared. Instead they logged in a box and we caught the clump and started barraging through them, Once we heard the action was moving to CA we teleported to CA and went to hit Legacy who had just went multi near corp. We hit Legacy from the south and pushed them north and west and cleared them up and pushed them to singles, We cleared up the remaining Rev kids from the earlier GWAS and once everything was clear we went to CA and caught a spam. We logged in on Terror at bandits in singles and started laughing at them as they quickly fled from us and got a world hop. And we hopped into their next world and spammed them again, Instantly they ran south in singles and hopped random worlds from the clan they were suppose to fight. We laughed at them and caught the rest of them with TBs and killed them in singles. Terror sat like the dumb dogs they are at ruins and we waited for the perfect time to log into their world and hit them from behind, We started barraging through them and continued to push east through multi and started clearing them up. We pushed them far east and they eventually went south into the tree's and started getting cleared up. We chased them throughout the wilderness and chased them to pond and eventually blew them up at pond and started pushing them west to corp and eventually cleared them all up. Once they were cleared we waited for their next plan and went to foil that aswell.
  4. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We massed up 20 Zenith members after receiving word of Terror / FI invites being out in our wilderness hiding inside OFA's pk trip (once again). We smoked these terror/fi dogs nonstop about 5 times before they called it quits and left OFA's voice channel.
  5. This is why Focus left BP... Suiciding like rev isn't a good idea @sickko


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