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  1. Lmfao that video is too funny. Notice how he cuts the video whenever Rage is about to lose it. Know your place, i did this to you.
  2. ty for the elder. Your clan sucks and its no wonder you didnt post sunday topic. Pay up.
  3. !Seen Rage Sunday Topic. I did this to you, pay up.

  4. lool. That is true, cuz i was there sniping them hence why they mention me on the topic.
  5. u got cleared, then teled up to tele spot, then ran west after u got gwased lmfao.
  6. lol look at rage video smh. How can they post a losing video.
  7. Lmfao looks like you had a bad weekend , both days. I did this to you, remember. U got owned at Bandit and ran west lol.
  8. still made you lose to Foe, then your 20 man regroup south bandit got owned and saw you running to single lol. U tried to starve clans from action. didn't work. u tried to fight foe, didn't work Looks like we dictate what you do.
  9. they used to be very strict on Cd back then and would even delete topics or bann us whenever we post our topics. Now its Rage doing, they only considering taking them off some elo point sht thing? Its no surprise, since rage has mods in this forum such as break.
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