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  1. the clan you pushed south was only zenith, Cd was busy bullying ly in single. Zenith had 30 less people than you. Getting them down to 70 from 110 is not impressive and a reason to claim a victory.
  2. All i see on this video is that you lost.... you sure you didnt post the wrong clan pov?
  3. Seems like you are trying to live up to your name
  4. no one going to watch a movie about human slaughter The real winners are the ones outside of gdz barraging/chinning the fight and getting free training xp
  5. Who is winning the rivalry? and why do you think so Fi or RS ? Rage vs Foe? with or without the mains/other clans aiding Ub vs Apex
  6. was watching the last 2 fights u had vs Ub where you rushed them up 15 and yet you somehow lose the fight. It was like 50 vs 35 , then got down to 30 vs 30 lol.
  7. lmfaooo. they do this all the time. Hit a clan, tele out, hit from different angle, tele out, hit again. Basically just a snipe team.
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