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  1. Rage will break again just like last time cd killed them. You will beg for forgiveness for all the sins you have committed.
  2. I cant wait til Rage slumps, and they beg us to off.

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    2. PROFUSE


      nigga estranger il make ur whole clan run on my ones

    3. PROFUSE


      rage is the biggest victim clan worried about everyones opinions and their social standings nigga ur whole clan exudes anxiety out the pores in their skin

    4. Estranger


      @PROFUSE keep crying that we declined ur application dog

  3. Pm any cd ranks, if you wanna spy on ly/rage. We got some spies, but 1 spot is open for now.

  4. Let me remind you again. This is what my clan did to you. You can call us Imperial, if that makes you feel better. Only 2 people that killed your clan, are in your clan atm. Rest are new to the scene. It is just funny how much damage we do to you with the amount we had compared to what you have. You and the ranks, are easy to break and too stupid to be able to handle mains. I know that from experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pip9iTxViUE
  5. actually we wanted to logg under you, but you did half the work for us and let us kill you on log in. Smh. Then you got rushed from north lol.
  6. Lmfao good intel m8. I enjoy doing this, more than pure clanning. We dictate your fights, and we decide if you can win or not. Remember our name, loser.
  7. we killed triple as many people as you did. And even got 3 +1s from you and Ly. Keep running to bandits lol. I love that you think that would help.
  8. what can the leak do to us lmfao. Its not like you were quick enough to avoid us lol. We got you everytime you were in single or multi. If i cared about leaks, i wouldnt have open cc.
  9. Yes, 10 man who cleared you on their own and made you tele out bunch of times.
  10. Thanks for providing entertainment. Next week , 50 men will punish you even harder.
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