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  1. what clans are out there for my shitty under construction accs
  2. Ib Coolio

    im back pussies

    wuu2 hmu
  3. Ib Coolio

    im back pussies

  4. Ib Coolio

    Sovereign clean fight vs Lithuanians

  5. im surprised this community isn't ded yet

    1. Break
    2. 'Jamie


      yeah clanning fuckin sucks dude word of advice don't come back it's aids lmfao

  6. Ib Coolio


    i agree doom wins again. some clans just need to pipe the fuck down.
  7. Ib Coolio


  8. l000000000000000000l yo what happened will lmfa0 u got koed by special ed forces l0l0l0l
  9. Ib Coolio

    December 3rd

    join dome or give me some dome
  10. We will build a great wall of pures  and nobody builds walls better than Doom, believe me  and we'll build it very inexpensively to keep out mains. We will build a great, great wall on the southern border of the wildy, and we will make SK pay for that wall. Mark my words.

  11. Ib Coolio

    Any LPCs down for Red vs Blue?

    envy 1 week clan rofl