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  1. tntprodigy

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    well what else they gonna do
  2. tntprodigy

    Legacy so innocent right?

    why is pkeru piping up l0l he barked like a dog for chalu lmfao and he plays the game more then anyone i know
  3. how is it the dumbest logic? sup and foe pulled the same as ir and instead of having a 3 way cluster they both focused ir, and you shouldnt be happy for a clan closing cause then its less action for a dying community
  4. tntprodigy

    Rage Vs Supremacy | F2P CWA 20v20 [2-1]

    i carried by not showing up
  5. gratz, but relax with the mains
  6. idk why you are happy for clans closing, but in the end sup and foe held hands together to fight ir
  7. wasnt even that bad?
  8. tntprodigy

    cwa Rage Vs Fatality | 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1]

    yall won when i skipped!
  9. tntprodigy

    cwa Fearless Vs Intense Redemption F2P Prep

    nice first round
  10. tntprodigy

    cwa Rage Vs Fatality | F2P Prep [2-1]

    gj guysa
  11. tntprodigy

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    doesnt matter what a clan pulls, it matters on what the action the clan got
  12. didnt show cause of irl things but we still big dicking
  13. tntprodigy

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    didnt go to trip cause i was working but still seems like we big dicking