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  1. rank team hasnt said anything to me? talking shit is part of the game, if you get your feelings hurt from a pixelated game welp
  2. fudog i know your not the brightest but there is a big difference in a "threat" and a "statement" i think you need to know the difference if you ever make a topic like this
  3. tbh wouldnt even consider it a rivalry only reason we are fighting is cause of opts, no ones pulls as much as us so of course we have to fight each other the only rivalry rage is in is with soup and look at there pulls now
  4. connor about to fookin win

  5. fudog fr fr cuh whole lotta gangshit cuh
  6. fudog fr fr cuh you need to focus on eating instead of typing you died so many times typing lel
  7. jizzle's threat "if you dont come to inners your gonna sit" broxx pokes me angel and jeff to please come we need to sit shitters we come we win
  8. well i was getting hit by mains and foe members were getting hit by mains so i dont know why you are complaining fam, literally when eop was open you openly used mains against foe and now you are the one complaining about mains? hypocrite???
  9. 1st fight was back and forth second fight against foe we got cucked
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