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    Riven got a reaction from Moni in Will FOE accept the preps?   
    I think FI already damaged you enough in your prep courage to even thinkin about preppin other clans 😅
  2. Good Banter
    Riven got a reaction from Jamz in Will FOE accept the preps?   
    I think FI already damaged you enough in your prep courage to even thinkin about preppin other clans 😅
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    Riven reacted to Jamz in Will FOE accept the preps?   
    Just a couple of replies I've found lurking through their mini war wins versus us, got me thinking, do these guys really think that they're ahead of us by beating our inexperienced warrers? May as well ask them for a prep again since they seem pretty confident. 

    Oh forgot to mention this as well:

    Will they accept the preps? Idk how any of their members could even spam something like that knowing that they truly are afraid of prepping.

    Will they accept the preps?
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    Riven reacted to Moni in Outrage vs F0-4 15v15 Mini   
    prob nawe on a alt
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    Riven reacted to kleenex in lol stop killing urself   
    lmfao jamz kicked u out of eop cuz u were a hentai loving weirdo mute, and begged to come back 😂
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    Riven reacted to kleenex in lol stop killing urself   
    You paid 250 dollars to get accepted into foe lmfao, beta boy.
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    Riven reacted to Murd in EOP vs FOE ~ August 25th 3:00 PM EST   
    Damn it you've figured it out, 1 account on the ml with over 20 Defence (25). Thanks man you just gave fo a legitimate excuse to decline!!!!

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    Riven reacted to Asap in Why does moni want this hidden so badly? Moni Gmaul.gif   
    u went and posted 4 old gifs of someone after they posted 1 of u and now ur saying u didn't take it srs (mfw)
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  10. Good Banter
    Riven reacted to 0ldschooler in EoP | Thriller   
    >> League Montage #13 <<
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    Riven got a reaction from B-ryan in Fatality kills misfits x10   
    was fucking ez
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    Riven reacted to 17_ in Want to see what happens when Doom pipe up?   


    Clean 1v1. No mains, just EoP vs Doom. Know ur fucking place dogs.


    Audio coming btw.

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    Riven reacted to Andy in lil nick era baby || Your clan isn't ready   
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    Riven reacted to Cody9204 in Describe EOP with ur RSN   
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    Riven got a reaction from danny zuco! in when your clan pulls 20 and you can't compete   
    lmfao exposed
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    Riven reacted to laggy foe member in Fi's smashing sunday killing all ft fo eop cp   
    Lol kidding
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    Riven reacted to Lenin in More Competition, and a better Clanning Future!   
    Hello fello' clanners.
    Just want to say before anything I hope you take this seriously because I am serious about of all this and am willing to put the effort and money, and together we can give rise to a revolutionized clanning era.
    I'm sure a good % of the community as well as other clanning communities watch and enjoy other professional game's championships/leagues like for CS:GO and LoL. Have you ever thought what it would be like for RS?
    Basically, I want to start a new project integrating various communities, streamers and clans, and host yearly tournaments much like the JCup but with various other rewards including $ prize.
    I wasn't joking when I said I want to contact, or create an appointment at the Jagex HQ. I want to ask them to see if they're interested - with their help this will be much better/official. Without though, it will be difficult and we'll depend on the communities support.
    I'll try to make it short for less no asks/reads.
    How will this work?
    I will create a website/script allowing us to select various streamers to host clan fights/tournaments including a ladder system for the yearly tournaments (ofc. with a modern gaming design). This will obviously draw views/subscriptions to the streamers as well. It will allow us to both host and handle the fights and give others a preview of it without logging in and other hassles. It will also draw in people who aren't active in clanning.
    How will this benefit my clan?
    Clans will be given rewards/benefits regardless of winning or not. Competing clans will be given an experience tracker for the entire year, and will generate views/reputation depending on your performance. The winning clan will receive a $ prize, recognition on the index page with signatures etc.
    For the $ prize I'm still thinking about how I could split the earnings and who they will go to.
    For the first few times it will be possibly $500 to $2k. Two major tournaments will play out, pure and main. Any clan can entire as long as they are active in events and in their respected type community i.e. pure/main etc. and tier i.e. mpc/hpc etc.
    You must also understand that if we treat this seriously and give it the views/support, clanning will grow and more focus from RS will be required since more people play for it. You'll also have clans gaining larger member bases from the reputation and views.
    What am I planning to do?
    I'm still gathering a lot of resources/data for the base of this project. I also need to stabilize the web development company I'm a part of - which will be the ultimate funding of this. I'm going to draw out sketches of interfaces/ideas for an enhanced clan-wars and a few other ideas to support this championship idea. I will create some questionnaires, get some feedback from clans and communities etc. and see if Jagex will take any of this seriously - If not we will have to depend on each other.
    How will the tournaments/championships work?
    I'm still figuring out how the $ will be spread if a clan wins because if its a large amount people can betray one another. Also, I want to spread this $ across all the members who were active in the championship/league rather than the entire ml.
    This is how I'm thinking it will work. I will write a script to randomly generate fights between all clans that enter in either server (P2P or F2P) with a point system. The top clans (based on how many that enter e.g. out of 8 clans = top 4 etc.) will fight at the end. Again I'm still thinking about how this will all work.
    How can we help?
    For the time being I just need your support and enthusiasm. In a few weeks or so I will release some more stuff for you to see.
    Remember, these are the steps we all should take to make all of our efforts more fun and rewarding.
    Thank you, I hope you took this seriously.
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    Riven got a reaction from Milzan in Milzan 14 ft. Purity   
    gj milzan
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    Riven got a reaction from SONZ in CD carroted   
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    Riven reacted to Crims in EoP Kill fatality Back To Back - P2P Sunday   
    easiest 1v3 of my life lmfao
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    Riven reacted to Alexander in EoP Kill fatality Back To Back - P2P Sunday   
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