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  1. lmao when you take the time to hand select some of the best players in the game but then u invite @_17 and hes so bad he ends up closing your team again XD
  2. RIP Game Over Blackwater re-opening now @jeyes ?
  3. Luffy

    Team Corrupt Pures vs Team Complexity aka CPX

    i remember this was easy
  4. comeback and STILL the best n ranger in this game, ez
  5. Luffy

    Massacre Vs Fury 10v10

    Hes "in" my clan atm and Im trying to win minis. Hes a bad enough in regular gear, I dont want him coming in troll gear
  6. Luffy

    Massacre Vs Fury 10v10

    was easy
  7. Luffy

    Terminal Vs Fury 2-1

  8. bs allowed on sharkbrew now?
  9. Luffy

    Massacre Vs Terminal 4-0

    was easy
  10. Luffy

    looking for battlescape clan

    assuming i have one lol nty
  11. looking for battlescape clan