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  1. So OP isn't opening? that lasted long... smh

  2. I was considering OB but they haven't validated my account yet, rip. I haven't played rs for about a year, no clue which clans are doing well. Clans I've been in: Massacre - osrs and rsps Ambush - rsps Apex - osrs and rsps Slaughter - osrs Doom - osrs I can almost guarantee I'm missing a couple but those are the main ones Edit: apparently lpc isn't what it used to be. I'll be looking for xlpc's instead
  3. you guys asked for a 40v40 i believe we have like 20 people that would show up and be over 70 cb thats probably counting the ones from 76 - 80 cb the rest would be like 60 cb you expect us to do a 75 cap when you guys had way more time to get as close to the cb cap as possible? in what world is that fair? edit: i have also been grinding my ass off and just now get 70 cb the other day, AND i had my account pre built already 40 atk quested and double 70s and i legit got 70 cb on monday not everyone had the benefit i did of already having my account double 70s...
  4. you cant even declare on us because you declared on IV for f2p this month, and the rules clearly state if you want to declare twice it has to be f2p and p2p
  5. this vid is from 2015 da fuk? idc abour cp or op but damn the propaganda is real with this one
  6. says the one bringing rockman in your fall in then having them put on our cape and try to snipe our leaders?
  7. Serious question, they're always in level 5 wild anyways not like they're going to be camped by level 100's
  8. LPC's will make pure clanning great again.

  9. @Tannie, I'll stop sniping you on trips for 50M i have enough kill pics anyways

    1. Jailbait


      Another 50m here


  10. yeah lets just make baby main clans and say "ADAPT OR DIE YOLO" smh
  11. shut up you're a trial member
  12. mfw fs flames IV non stop then cries when another clan returns the favour

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Leen


      Day 1 was last weekend xD and to be fair your pull has already dropped by 40

    3. Jonathan


      we pulled like 75 today i dont see it dropping past 60

    4. Jonathan


      peaking at 80 ish



  13. Kicking me? LOOOOOOL you guys moved up to mpc and i was in apex so i stayed with them but yeah lmfao keep telling yourself you kicked me
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