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  1. pop? we destroyed the entire scene before you opened. You lasted only 1 month? ev will re-open in November the cycle never ends
  2. fi vs eop mm vs foe vr vs rsd ff vs ko
  3. @@Kaz not gonna lie but this is some weak banter, look at all you dying after a matched fight. Let me break it down for you. 1. Proved yourself a tomato making this topic 2. The quality of a Hate member is 2 to 1 on a PoP applicant, no need to lie every clan agrees your quality is bad 3. PiC is a junior clan of PoP as it was created for fun by a ex-leader. Its a low level pking team and yet you stand here making a topic about it. Amazes me how whiny this xlpc scene is. We are the only clan in this scene who doesn't make excuses nor dumb topics to promote how broccolied our members are (like you)
  4. when the leader of sf doesn't know when to shut up before he kills his clan

  5. Did i just read this correctly? Go get a IQ test, that is twice in one topic..
  6. your in sf no one gives a brown sticky stuff about you or sf let alone the xlpc scene. I think the first thing that comes to mind when people hear anything from sf is damn that clan has the worst quality and ranks in rs history
  7. i guess 92% of our pulls are low 50s to mid 60s count as 75+? Typical people crying cause they never win and always find excuses. At least we don't need to make up bullbrown sticky stuff lies on our topics unlike some clans.. Special Forces, do you actually think your in a good clan? The entire pure community already knows how bad the quality is in that clan let alone ranks. That has to be the worst name in clan history. This is 2017 not 2005 buddy
  8. you take a picture where most our opts were past the cape counter area. I guess that was the only picture you found in our video to make yourself look good btw no one cares @@Control Pker its xlpc tomato
  9. hope these new xlpc's bring some new competition to the scene
  10. POP will be apart of this if it happens. We would do clan wars or wild. Obviously low lvl wild nothing above level 15 due to lpc accounts
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