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  1. Wish I pmed you in 2013 when Ambush forums were down for over a month and we asked Slush to give us the database so we could move on and he had the audacity to demand $50. Money grabber.
  2. Is that why he defaced your biggest asset after SB? I'm not eop's biggest fan but good riddance, you're a scumbag. http://tlp-rs.net/topic/86445-sharkbrew-and-slushpuppy/
  3. Should have tried fighting eop with your 63 probs would have cleared them seeing as we cleared them 55v75. Good job
  4. @Bash this should also be a contender for gwas of the year also against eop hmm
  5. welcome back chinaman, goodluck to you wherever you end up
  6. how did u lose a round lol? good job though
  7. how did u lose a round lol? good job though
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