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  1. Froob

    [XLPC] Conquer 50-60 Combat

    Pringles, hmmm...?
  2. good luck, you will need it - Apex Headquarters
  3. Froob

    Fearless vs Critical Damage [10v10 F2P MiNi] 2-1

    did someone in your team really name themselves after testicles?
  4. Froob

    @lpc scene

    cant wait to watch CD dismantle another hissin clan
  5. another one of these topics is bound to fix the problem
  6. Froob

    gl imt

  7. Froob

    EOP back up?

  8. Froob

    EOP back up?

    keep mention EOP thank yew
  9. less eating irl, more eating ppots in rs
  10. just the fact someone wanted to spend money on xlpc rank logs is embarrassing
  11. Froob

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    welc back @Lenin easily the best staff member sharkbrew has ever seen
  12. you're all fucked lmfao

  13. Froob

    Paragon’s Thursday

    grats Paragon
  14. keep dreaming of being a godking
  15. Froob

    Paragon’s Sunday

    free lootie