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  1. you'll be kissing the ground a lot this weekend if you don't get @Jimi's name out of your mouth
  2. Intense Redemption: From the members POV

  3. banter
    Tay Hussein

  4. I Got A Riddle

  5. hej broxx my scottish brother

    Make the smart decision
  6. Farewell from EoP

    EOP will always be home. Thanks for the sick gfx @Lenin
  7. [CD] Fearless TS Leak

    it my xlpc
  8. My apology to the community

    No justification on either end.
  9. Had a great time at Fo's Birthday :]

    was easy as fuck lmfao
  10. Don't really care one way or another
  11. @envy

    lol this will be fun
  12. banter
    Nice high council EOP!

    big backfire lmfao
  13. Dealla's Intro

  14. Positives and Negatives

    Pros: Provides a fun, competitive aspect to an otherwise boring game (imo) Cons: People/clans forget it's an online game and support out-of-game tactics.