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  1. I stabbed my sword into LYs throat while Sam was crying in the background handcuffed to a woodenchair

  2. Ly is the worst clan thats ever been i agree

    1. Killa


      Didn’t I close ur clan?

  3. l00000l nice intel you got there LMFAOOOOOOOOO yo who put you out of my leash btw, say woof 4 me one time
  4. (22:01:40) <Ari> ThatBoyRange (22:01:47) <ThatBoyRange> ? (22:01:51) <Ari> i have (22:01:53) <Ari> a proposition (22:01:54) <Ari> for u Image[http://critical-damage.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts (22:01:59) <ThatBoyRange> what Ari is [email protected] * Ari Ari is on #cd-rs @#critical-damage #CD +#sharkbrew #endurance-rs #308 #Doom #zenith +#war-rs Ari using server *.SwiftIRC.net (SwiftIRC network) Ari has identified for this nick Ari has been idle 1 second, signed on Mon, 3 Aug 2015 20:59:50 GMT Standard Time ari End of /WHOIS list. (22:02:02) <Ari> well (22:02:07) <Ari> between u and i (22:02:12) <Ari> we both know i didnt leak u leadrboads (22:02:15) <Ari> or intro on ur site (22:02:18) <Ari> anyhow (22:02:26) <Ari> im willing (22:02:28) <Ari> to get u some stuff (22:02:37) <Ari> in exchange for the truth about myself and some money (22:03:20) <Ari> i own doom forums youtube and i have access to an abundance of information that you would be willing to pay for. (22:03:46) <ThatBoyRange> and (22:03:57) <ThatBoyRange> what do you want for doom info (22:04:06) <Ari> truth about myself (22:04:09) <Ari> and money (22:04:11) <Ari> thats it Image[http://critical-damage.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts (22:04:20) <ThatBoyRange> how much gp (22:04:54) <Ari> fair amount (22:05:29) <ThatBoyRange> in the region of? (22:05:49) <Ari> well (22:05:53) <Ari> i have leaks, account info (22:05:55) <Ari> forum info (22:05:58) <Ari> domain is owned by me (22:06:02) <Ari> which u could redirect (22:06:09) <Ari> youtube owned by me (22:06:17) <Ari> owl's ingame account (22:06:19) <ThatBoyRange> i want proof (22:06:25) <ThatBoyRange> first (22:06:26) <Ari> proof (22:07:04) <ThatBoyRange> yes (22:07:13) <Ari> meaning (22:07:45) <ThatBoyRange> screenie or something (22:07:47) <ThatBoyRange> you have (22:08:09) <Ari> k one sec (22:08:42) <ThatBoyRange> and what price do you want for it all (22:08:55) <Ari> we will discuss (22:10:27) <ThatBoyRange> ok (22:10:34) <ThatBoyRange> show me screenshot of forum info (22:10:40) <ThatBoyRange> owls acc (22:10:49) <Ari> add (22:10:50) <Ari> 0wi (22:11:24) <Ari> wats ur rsn (22:11:44) <ThatBoyRange> thatboirang3 (22:11:56) <Ari> turn pm on (22:13:00) <Ari> i can also show u (22:13:03) <Ari> the godaddy acc (22:13:04) <Ari> of the domain (22:13:06) <Ari> if u'd like (22:13:28) <Ari> which u could redirect to a page saying doom closed join cd (22:13:44) <ThatBoyRange> ok (22:14:01) <Ari> whats ur offer for owl's account alone (22:14:09) <Ari> and then (22:14:10) <Ari> the domain (22:16:15) <Ari> i have forums account and leaks too (22:16:20) <Ari> but we'll discuss that on teamspeak (22:17:40) <ThatBoyRange> i want it all (22:17:44) <ThatBoyRange> but whats ur price (22:18:12) <Ari> hmmm (22:18:28) <ThatBoyRange> if it some cauliflower price were not interested (22:19:14) <Ari> owl account 15m, youtube 5m, domain ownership 100m, then 5m per topic leaked off doom's leaderboards (22:19:30) <Ari> 5m per staff members forum acount (whichever u need) (22:19:40) <Ari> and this is reoccuring (22:19:46) <Ari> whenever u get a new topic off lb (22:20:21) <Ari> its a package deal (22:20:38) <Ari> its all the propaganda u need and more (22:20:40) <Ari> and its permanent (22:20:44) <Ari> theyll never figure it out (22:20:52) <Ari> even if i told u and u told them (22:20:54) <Ari> they wouldnt believe u (22:21:09) <Ari> this is a permanent deal (22:22:32) <Ari> this is a serious offer all i want is immunity from flame and propaganda aswell as my $ (22:22:38) <Ari> and ill help u out with what u need (22:24:55) <Ari> ThatBoyRange (22:24:58) <Ari> 'u still with me here (22:26:06) <ThatBoyRange> ye i am (22:26:30) <Ari> so what do u think (22:27:28) <ThatBoyRange> whos staff accs u got (22:27:41) <Ari> all (22:28:04) <ThatBoyRange> gimme user name to one of them (22:28:22) <Ari> how would i do 5m per topic then (22:28:28) <Ari> hmmm didnt think that thru fml (22:28:38) <Ari> u dont need the infos if i have them (22:28:38) <Ari> dw (22:28:52) <ThatBoyRange> i want the accs (22:29:02) <Ari> im sure u do lol (22:29:07) <Ari> easier like this tho (22:29:12) <Ari> if i charge u 100m for acp (22:29:18) <Ari> i could rat u out (22:29:20) <Ari> and gg 100m (22:29:23) <Ari> if u pay per topic (22:29:25) <Ari> we're both safe (22:29:33) <ThatBoyRange> you can still rat us out (22:29:46) <ThatBoyRange> personally i dont think you have the accounts (22:29:58) <ThatBoyRange> all i want is the users names to 2 of them (22:30:01) <ThatBoyRange> not passes (22:30:23) <Ari> tbr (22:30:26) <Ari> if im leaking u topics (22:30:28) <Ari> how can i rat u out (22:30:41) <ThatBoyRange> i think you're tryna bullbrown sticky stuff me right now (22:30:50) <ThatBoyRange> since you won't pm 2 staff usernames (22:31:03) <Ari> tell me (22:31:07) <Ari> how im gonna leak u topics (22:31:12) <Ari> then bullbrown sticky stuff u (22:31:13) <Ari> ? (22:31:40) <ThatBoyRange> because i have my own staff forum account (22:31:51) <ThatBoyRange> so? (22:31:58) <ThatBoyRange> im testing you (22:32:05) <ThatBoyRange> if you havn't noticed Log ended: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 23:18:49 GMT Standard Time Awks...
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