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  1. For the final act, watch me make bears disappear now
  2. ~ Topic written by Zack ~ supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Today Supremacy peaked at 73 strong tigers ready to curbstomp niblets broken bear brigade on day 1 of this "rivalry". Shoutout to the short-dicked simpletons for getting smoked in singles and running away from us in multi with their solid 45 signups. Here's hoping they don't end up in clan wars again tomorrow once they find out that the Tiger gang doesnt fuck around. Ham Mustafa Chris/Teleporting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQU9OtwqqhE Sikkoh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MPZ5sYUI1A We opened our trip hitting Apex vs Fi at bandits - seeing them in IR hut triggered flashbacks as our massive unit slammed into the fight with scims drawn, thirsty for blood. Sending the green clans scattering through us, we chased Fi to singles and caught a regroup after the banter hit. Rage was trying to hide behind LY so we decided to go slam into their fight in PVP worlds. We walked rage south dropping their opts by 10 people while LY made an attempt to mitigate the damage unsuccessfully. FOE turned up sending clans spiralling into single after bears got dicked down. We decided to ask FOE for a battle at even opts - the fight started in epic fashion with clans going kill for kill. Neither clan went up more than a few until finally things broke around the 50v50 mark several minutes in. FOE went up 53v45 when we pulled off the hill to regroup, and began cycling to recover opts. Using the area well, we tanked and brought the numbers back quickly, moving back onto the hill with a powerful scim push to even the opts and take the upper hand. Pushing FOE back to the east, we ended up taking a foothold for several minutes of the fight, taking the opt count as far as 55v35 in our favor. After being in control for a very long time, FOE's return unit came back to once again even the fight before LY turned up to spoil the action. Very good fight FOE. We took a shit on the bears in single once again, putting them back into permanent hibernation. Since they wouldn't man up in multi, we camped them through their mains and attempts to return in 1v1 gear while we absolutely demolished their clan until half of their opts were tanks in sup capes. Pulling to multi in hopes Rage would show any form of backbone, we stood alone as the absolute winners while dogshit rage teleported to clan wars and lost to their superior remake, outrage. Better luck next time team Z.
  3. ah yes tigers winning again, nothing new.
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