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  2. Holy shit dude you sound obsessed... that’s not healthy..
  3. Steezy

    [DMM] Tourney Rigged?

    Gratz @@Ari
  4. It's just bants.. I'm the guy you're pointing out. I was at the trip on my 78 then got told not to use it so I went on my 72 with 20 def and brought a mith switch as a troll. As you can see I didn't pose much of a problem
  5. When will you people learn that rules are exactly what's hurting the community... Let's just play some fucking runescape for gods sake without crying about every little thing..
  6. I feel like every person involved in this whole scenario take Runescape.com way too seriously, so much so that is not even a game anymore, and only have themselves to blame.
  7. Fuck no. If you want 99 prayer you should sacrifice attack levels to get it. 60 attack / 99 prayer = 88 cb, or 75 attack / 52 prayer = 88 cb. Make a choice. Fuck, I'd rather see a maxed 60 attack / 20 def acc = 88 cb rather than a maxed 1 def 101cb that has no use outside of clanning.
  8. Steezy

    Sharkbrew Defence Cap Worlds.

    As much as we'd all love for this idea to come to fruition, it's just not going to happen. It fucks with the dynamics of the game too much. Not only for the unfair advantage of skilling a level 3 in an empty world but you're also going to see a segregation of zerks/voiders and pures in the 1vs1 community. Let's focus on getting f2p tb first.
  9. Steezy

    PCL Fridays?

    Just do PCL once a month. Every other Friday can be p2p trips. Quality of a clan doesn't change much over a week. If we did them monthly it wouldn't go stale too quickly. It'll give clans an incentive to hype up.
  10. Steezy

    PCL Fridays?

    Should do it once a month tbh. Like first Friday of the month.