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  1. GodStarPk

    Looking For A Clan

    Any clan recommendations?
  2. GodStarPk

    Wassup Yall

    What's Up Everybody!
  3. I need someone to do a Youtube Ravamping for me. A nice Intro and Outro vid. Banners and etc for a youtube channel. Let me know what you can offer! Conversation only in Inbox
  4. GodStarPk

    Hey Clans

    Wassup Everyone. I just wanted to say hello because havent spoke to anyone in ages. I've heard alot over the past months and glad to know that the community is still alive. I didnt want much. Just wanted to come through and speak. I might be looking for a clan as well so if you have any references please let me know! =)
  5. GodStarPk


    I appreciate it dude! #OP
  6. GodStarPk

    Clan of The Month - April

    Gzzz Fellas
  7. GodStarPk

    clan wars/verfied Olympus vs Prestige F2P Prep

    Great Job Fellas!
  8. GodStarPk

    dig bick

  9. GodStarPk

    do i break it?

    Get 60 Attack
  10. GodStarPk

    When you break a rival clan member...

    I just wasted 2 mins I can't get back TYTY CD
  11. GodStarPk

    juicy Dear olympus leadership (lol)