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  1. How can you claim 1v7 when fo has Sup lol.. There even defending Fo on this topic.. Idk about 7 clans aiding Apex but that sounds bs lmfao
  2. Imagine blaming this sites inactivity on the lack of preps.. Or Apex and EOP LOL.. As far as i know, apex and eop had a prep few days ago.. Who has Foe prepped other than supremacy lmfaooo
  3. This topic isnt about eop you uneducated monkey, but its funny that u say that (proud member of CP) lmfaoo
  4. eop is far ahead of sup in every category of clanning, facts b.
  5. ye, wish he brought back freestyling on beats, but i guess he's tryna prove a point & the bars/wordplay were still dope
  6. Fo had mains, just less than EOP and shittier mains lmfao. Stop being so cullible.
  7. U claim that u broke eop etc.. But i see only Tannie posting 3 eop topics a day & flame them. 0 topics about tannie, i wonder who broke who lol.
  8. ?? Are u claimimg that FO is a honorable clan that does not use a single main or get any outside help (IE:SUP) Which one of us is the ignorant dumb fuck lmfaoo.. Even the guy that made the topic use to rag EOP with 50 mains.. Cmon lowtier Erik.
  9. I find it funny that every time u make these dumb ass topics, it also shows FO having 20-30 mains..
  10. "coward" Lmfaooo this guy..
  11. Same thing could be said about you and FO, since you keep fanboying them and bashing EOP at every chance u get. Yet u claim that u dont even play this game anymore? Like i said youre a hypocrite vermin lol.. Only difference is that im not flaming FO at all and i was man enough to admit that EOP wasnt on top the last 1-2 months, but you cant deny the fact that they were on top prior to that.. Youre just salty about EOP for whatever reason and far from unbiased yourself lmfao..
  12. First half 100% until like last 1- 2 months...stop being so salty over a game like a little bitch, and give credit where its due lmfaoo.
  13. Maybe you should focus on your epic rivalry with Vendetta instead of talking about the big guns? Idk..
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