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  1. Danielth15

    SF's Response to UB

    PM Me for SF Leaks
  2. Danielth15

    Special Forces to X

    3/4 of a vid in 8 months. GZ
  3. Waiting on a DMK clearing X Video in the year you've been p2p pking. Go to bed ty
  4. weird how you dont have any vids of the three fights we had /: and would never run from Da Mafia Kings lul
  5. Fought well Down #s good fight. Should get an even opt fight soon
  6. Danielth15

    not counted Clan X Sunday Night Vs SF

    sorry ill send my lvl 80 voiders to join rev myb
  7. Danielth15

    not counted Clan X Sunday Night Vs SF

    Had intel that SF was out with around 25 so we grabbed a quick 21 and expected to clear them once and end..nope they decided to come refight 3 more times...followed by Control being so hurt that he spams cc/ attempts to get leaks. Also its cute that you think we have a leak on you lol stay easy.
  8. Danielth15

    not counted Clan X Weekend Trips

    S/o to DMK for backing out of the planned fight still ending up cleared daily...annd sf for the free loot as always
  9. Danielth15

    not counted Clan X Monday Night Trip

    Shoutout: UB for no Mains at lavas and SF for free loot as usual. Poor quality in beginning, Gets better
  10. L00000L SF SPANKED

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    2. Smoke n Chilll

      Smoke n Chilll

      hunted us all night? after the dbow operation yall did and killed us @vene hill, grey hats went hiding when we had real gear, we was huntin yall, + that we went lavas and end up cleaning mains clans, we went 21 hills / corp tryna find u kids again, no one there, so then after some 30mins we find tcf + terror p2p, so we bullied em outta p2p to f2p, x came when we had 12 left of 20+ so idk what u on about .

    3. Danielth15
    4. Danielth15


      l000l we will fight any time any day like i said pm me just stop the excuses

  11. Danielth15

    midweek [P2P Midweek] Olympus vs Clan X ft. CD

    LOLOLOL this is the dumbest thing ive seen. Us with Cd naah. 30? Nah
  12. Danielth15

    What do you think?

    GL whoever steps up.
  13. Didnt know we went out downies