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  1. More POVS Coming Soon
  2. From a non biased point of view, it looks like you never cleared Ascent. Also their Leader @brock wasn't there. He was leading a roblox clan during this trip.
  3. Eddie

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

  4. nigga refreshing sharkbrew instead of going to wild

  5. @Scims I love your video btw Nice job :D #join ascent

  6. Eddie

    weekend Ascent's Saturday Smoking Noxshit.

    From the looks of it, Ascent cleared Noxious, Same way VD cleared MF lol
  7. Eddie

    lpc Vendetta ~ The Masked Men

    its winter, he hibernates until January/February and he's back active.
  8. November 6th, 2018 Today after glorious amount of smoke on clans at rev's, and some lovely inner's, we massed up 20 goons peaking at 25 for a fucking smoke fest on Envy. By the way this was very fucking easy, you really cannot compete in this fucking scene, go back to your mass level 30's or just become a rev team with the amount of mains your shit clan brings to fun pure fights, & still getting smoked lmfao, thanks for the attempt on pure on pure action @enza but your leaders are fucking ass lmfao. Envy mains: First Fight: Smoked Envy from Hills hut to Chaos Alter, fighting down 9 opts our first round, smoking them in every way possible at any pure on pure action, this was most def a blast. Especially fighting down, thanks for the free smoke Envy. Next Fight: Again, destroying them, up until we destroyed all their pure's & ended up just fighting Envy's mains in game, so we called a log out & dipped with a another easy fucking round. Stop fighting with mains retards, your clan still fucking sucks.
  9. Eddie

    midweek [V]endetta Monday ft. SUP,APEX,FOE,MF