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  1. What’s more concerning for Sup, the sweep, the pull or the irrelevance Gz Z
  2. Gz Z, I genuinely feel sorry for Supremacy’s leadership, persisting through however many years of irrelevance. Might be time to play that song
  3. unarguably won rivalries against Ly/Foe I disagree, foes defeat was the quickest I’ve ever seen might I add. Probably Supremacy considering how long they’ve been open for. happy new year to all
  4. Hypocritical seeing as your playing the blame game at a grade 3 level.
  5. You’ve been around long enough. Both circumstances are inexcusable, how about you grow up and place some admittance on the fact your leadership is also at fault for disgusting comments
  6. The fact this mistake happened from Leadership makes the issue far more concerning, shame to see this behaviour covered by ignoring the fact it was committed in the first place, Regardless of other clans
  7. Stopped reading after you used “treaten” as a word. Less Rs more education sorry to be the one to wake you up mate.
  8. Not sure when Fi last had a good f2p win regardless, Apex should accept both wouldn’t be a substantial challenge
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