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  1. An Apex is short lived. A Legacy lasts a lifetime.
  2. We would also congratulate you on your first girlfriend but we both know this is yet to happen.
  3. Impressive, might have to join Onslaught soon
  4. Neither was I! This Aussie seems important enough for you to quote me hahaha 5 years later and you’re still a loser xD gg on knockout
  5. Gf on the knockout. 7:20 if deluded
  6. 7.20 on vid clearly shows the boys in multi last clan standing! Easy knock out
  7. Sko vid looks like they waited in multi whilst NT were camped in singles! Even a blind man could see! Imagine claiming tribe helped sko and you come out and say this xD Syracuse explains itself really. Good action to all!
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