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  1. Mystic keep

    I owe a formal apology.

    Create your own Legacy.
  2. Create your own Legacy.
  3. Mystic keep

    weekend Fatality P2P Sunday Obliterating Clumps

    Legacies are created. A Fatality is lost. Nice trip good to see you around!
  4. Mystic keep

    20 def movement?

    Those incapable of Creating their own Legacy
  5. Mystic keep

    what apex needs

    An apex is short lived. A Legacy lasts a lifetime
  6. Never cheat never lie, Create my own legacy till I die.
  7. Mystic keep

    20 def movement?

    Create your own Legacy.
  8. Want weekend trips? Create your own Legacy today!
  9. Mystic keep

    cwa [43v43] Fatality vs Intense Redemption F2P Prep

    Our Legacy is your Fatality! Come have weekend trips.
  10. Mystic keep

    Legacy Vs Intense Redemption P2P Mini 2-0 Sets

    Want Redemption? Come make your own Legacy
  11. Mystic keep

    Legacy Vs Fatality P2P Mini 2-0 Sets

    Our legacy is your Fatality
  12. Mystic keep

    lpc Legacy ~ LPC ~ Legends Never Die

  13. Mystic keep


    Clarke is #1
  14. Mystic keep

    pure/weekend Fatality Sunday - Down 10 no problem.

    Gratz Elve and friends