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  1. Honestly embarrassing how big the mall cop acts on his mic lmfao grow up loser
  2. Seems like a good idea and chance for some fair competition. Doubt avoider clans like sup/apex will participate as they’ve been ducking cwa all year.
  3. All flame aside it’s good to see Fo prepping, not sure why they haven’t focused cwa for so long. Well done Terror.
  4. More action than zenith/apex or fo would ever give you, well played Terror, congrats Fi.
  5. How does apex pull more to a sharkbrew topic than f2p saturday??

  6. Had the pleasure of watching my sup insider get butt fucked by Terror all day long lmao I give sup dogs 2 more weeks before e-dater 3at has another melt down.
  7. If apex were really a #1 matched clan and top contender they would have sat to Fi yesterday. These guys are more interested in circle jerking on sharkbrew than fighting. It seems that when apex is faced with any threat they either team or avoid.
  8. So apex made Fi wait a month for a prep and backed out because of 3 gamers?? This is really cringe and sad. However this isn’t very surprising as apex has been avoiding every clan all year.
  9. Not looking good for shitpremacy. 2 weeks in and Terror is already walking these dogs to ditch. 3at you fucking suck loser LOL
  10. When did Fo become this sub-par holy shit these guys are broken. Imagine how your members feel LOL
  11. Lmfao honestly embarrassing for shitpremacy. Y'all fucking suck and Terror is beating you
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