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  1. Zenith got fucking smoked keep crying rats.
  2. Can someone explain why Apex is so fucking shook of Fi?? keep circlejerking on sharkbrew and avoiding dogs.
  3. Zenith dogs will still say they winning lmfao
  4. Yeah not sure why apex is so cocky when they don’t even prep. also not sure why apex makes demands about opts when they pull 30-40 every weekend next to supremacy LOL
  5. Why is apex so cocky when they don’t even prep lol also sounds like they are ducking any cwa action vs Fatality? cringe
  6. Lmao Fo is broken also, cute 40 pull apex keep running rats.
  7. Zenith is obviously shook of Fatality. If they weren’t they wouldn’t need 30 randoms on sharkbrew spamming bullshit and making excuses for their staff. Yall are weak and it shows. You can only hide behind mains/cape boost/teaming for so long. Old heads would be ashamed at what pure clanning has become.
  8. Why does CD act like they are a threat? didn’t they get closed by gay hanuman? lmao
  9. As much as Zenith flames Legacy, they still can’t catch their staff spy LOL @apex/sup keep holding Zenith’s dick in wildly rats. Nice juice Ly.
  10. What a fucking loser LOL imagine taking runescape clanning to this extreme lmao
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