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  1. Expected as these are the only clans that actually prep. Avoider clans like Fo/Apex hold onto former titles and mini wins. Cringe tbh
  2. Surely Zenith could have brought more members to this prep with their long memberlist. What does Zenith staff have to say about this?
  3. Holy shit sup fucking sucks LOL @Easeplease close these rats e-dating community.
  4. Having 100 useful idiots doesn’t mean things are in line at the top. Cringe Fo
  5. LOL onslaught 2-0 in rivalries
  6. So the same clans that claim Rage/Ly/Fi team are actually the ones baiting for eachother? lol
  7. These guys got networked by Juicy lmao
  8. Nice trip and action for your members Fi Looked like another embarrassing day for sup dogs
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