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  1. I remember when MF was on a 6 month+ win streak with this award. Congratulations Jaja
  2. Hi everyone I woke up from a 2 year comma, are Misfits doing F2p saturdays now?

    1. Jamz



      welcome back mate

    2. PornPolice


      what do you think :p

  3. The clan that maintains their quality and stature in the long run will determine who the actual "victor" is in the rivalry imo. Only one clan will maintain their numbers and quality once the hype dies down. Atleast more than the opposing party
  4. are p2p sundays still happening? 

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    2. PornPolice


      Fo got broken in a 7,5h return fight. They only have the balls to fight up opts on a sunday.


    3. Shoan
    4. Pigwrestler7
  5. me and my cousin jean were in there pre eoc. Summoning days.. Maybe that was cor v2 idk
  6. From my unbiased pov, who in their right mind would fight down 80+ lol , Clans are generally scared to fight down 10-20 let alone 80+ or whatever number it was
  7. i was there during pre eoc i believe or aftwr.. It was when clan wars was in the wildy and summoning was a thing..
  8. My close friend from Brasil told me that the Green sharks are swimming. I wonder what that means 🧐

    1. hotguy


      love u

      loc on jean?

    2. Deserie


      Big facts brother come join your other bee brethren


  9. Goodluck! DT are the goats
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