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  1. @Sam  Don't you dare PM me for off lol pathetic

  2. thanks for the fight Supremacy.
  3. Been looking for this for ages, tyvm.
  4. PM Brap#7476 if you'd like to discuss a truce. 1B+ OSRS and a 200 word apology topic and I'll listen to your offers @Legacy
  5. Poorly edited topic, change of font size made no sense to me. I also had to scroll my mouse wheel 4 times to reach the bottom of the topic itself. Banter was okay but the content was already publicly available. Overall I'll give a 4/10 with my main concerns being around the presentation and execution.
  6. Brap


    Critical Damage
  7. Brap

    cwa Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0

    GJ Jamz & Co
  8. Brap


    hey not sure who you are, sorry if i've personally upset or caused you any grief. Pm me on discord if you need any financial aid I can probably break you off $10 or so. from an alternate account or from ur real alias?
  9. Brap


    think its time to wipe the slate clean for [outrage] parm, good luck friend.
  10. Brap


    Hi friends, I would like to tell everyone I have reformed, I took a good look in the mirror today and realized that I often take trolling too far. With my old clan back on the scene I would like a clean slate to ensure I'm able to show the community I'm ready to be a steward of the community once again. I feel very bad for the multiple people I have flamed and caused harm to throughout my years. As well as my good friend slush , who'm I owe a personal apology for a troll gone too far, hope you can accept my apology. @Slushpuppy ~ brap
  11. From my expert analysis you can clearly see legacy has engaged in guerilla tactics with the masters of 9/11 without realizing what they are subjecting their sensitive memberbase to. very very unfortunate.
  12. Brap

    announcement 2000 users & Discord restructuring

    free Brap and Royce #longliveyeeda