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  1. Godae

    New video :]

    good vid ~ditterbitter
  2. Godae

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    Get cancer to who ever supported the publishing of that video.
  3. Godae

    Guess Who

    now this is fucking hype i thought u were gone for good my lendin
  4. Godae

    weekend Overdose Official Xlpc Trip feat. World 308

    Noxi dead on god
  5. Godae

    Deca Intro

    Wadup gamer
  6. Godae

    pure EOP Councils

    Sik no1 cares
  7. Godae

    Biggest slump?

    eop closed with 120 man pull while fo had 60 so we just closed ontop biggest slump in sort of recent would be apex in 2017 i guess, they went down to like a 20 man pull or smething b4 ub guys joined them (i think)
  8. Godae

    MFW reddit

    ironmen got a witch hunt on me, added to my fanbase
  9. Godae

    Monday - SV/TS/Rev/fo Destroyed

    jaja wins again lmfao all these clans and u still can't beat us
  10. Godae

    lpc Vendetta ~ The Masked Men

    lmfao on to the next clan