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    Slaves got a reaction from Mallu in Blunt Purez Vs. Legacy 2-0 [Mini l 7v7 l P2P]   
    gz bp
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    Slaves got a reaction from Scims in Zenith Demolish Legacy Inside Rev Caves (2-0)   
    looks like a guy in full d hide in your cape 
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    Deep wildy was dead as fuck tonight when we massed so we quickly made our way to rev caves on this Monday Night pk trip.
    We cleared a few randoms before running into Cuckthroat. Both Cuckthroat and NL had similar ops. We instantly engaged them with strong melee piles gaining an unstoppable momentum right off the bat. Within 3 minutes they were down to 10 ops in game, so our callers stopped finding piles and we just used in game spam to let them catch up, as we wanted the fight to last. Once they got enough people returned it was fuckin' on. We caught insane clumps on them consistently through the entire fight [see vids/pics below lmfao] while maintaining vicious melee piles. Several CT members got 1-banged on b-piles. Within 10 minutes we had them cleared off the map and took a fall in. After that we ran into CPK where we continued to farm mage experience. CPK was cleared within 5 minutes. We looted up and caught a regroup. Not long after CT decided to try us one more time, and the second fight went over the same as the first. They were once again, demolished in under 10 minutes. 
    After the second clear on CT, they ended and Christy called for a rank meeting. [l0l]
    I hope they won't be kicking any more innocent trial members!


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    Slaves got a reaction from F3ar in WCOTM Jan 2020   
    nice job
  6. Good Banter
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    Slaves reacted to Andre in why does rage thinks that they stand a chance.. when china carries foe..   
    you’re irrelevant now sorry bud
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    Slaves got a reaction from aw panic lol in The weakest and most disgusting clan in existence?   
    u both bring mains 
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    Slaves reacted to Broxxx in Rage Pummel Legacy 2-0 FT. Ts Audio   
  11. Poor Banter
    Slaves got a reaction from Fake Smile in The weakest and most disgusting clan in existence?   
    u both bring mains 
  12. Poor Banter
    Slaves reacted to akrr in Double Trouble in Gielinor   
    best zerk/med clan everyday
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    Slaves got a reaction from Warbow in Nothing Left posting -3 topics a month   
    I agree veng posting 5 man pk trips are cringe
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    Slaves reacted to Warbow in Veng posting 3+ topics a day   
    We get it, you guys do 5 people small mans 3 times a day to kill vennies in the rev caves. No one reads or replies to your topics, stop making them lmao.
    and if you do it to win SB awards, SB is dead and those awards mean nothing. Your shit clan still gets cleared in the wild daily
    - All
  15. Poggers
    Slaves got a reaction from Deserie in Apex 2019 | Another Year of Dominance   
    but when is apex gona be a wildy clan 🙄
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    Slaves got a reaction from Sir Achillez in RuneScape Dynasty First PK Trip   
    Was a fun lil pk trip
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    Slaves got a reaction from K0nt in 30 Rampaging Bears Commit Mass Murder at Chaos Temple 2019 (Colorized)   
    nice job
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    Slaves got a reaction from Beau in Ascent LPC   
    no thanks
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    Slaves reacted to Spiral in Only true OG's can relate..   
  20. Good Banter
    Slaves reacted to Warbow in There is only ONE Clan that...   
    Ascent has been a punching bag for the last 5 years. But ok
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    Slaves got a reaction from IamjohnC in What went wrong?   
    clans should of stayed 1 def not sure why they went 20-25 Big yikes
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    Slaves reacted to Benz in Beyond Control - Sunday rev pk trip   
    #1 most active Med Rev PK clan.
    Beyond Control Discord: https://discord.gg/WUhushe
    went out with 18 shooters today , with our priorioty looking for DK .
    By the time we found their location we saw that authority already forced DK into a share cc with SV  and knew it was already to late.
    we went on with the usual rev sweep getting a few +1 had a nice little fight with VR & WG
    At the start of our trip we met VR near the entrance.
    we quickly transitioned trough there low defence members and manage to kill most of them.
    https://imgur.com/BchxSSL (video)
    After we went back up we found WG , not knowing the amoun they totally had (over +10 on us) 
    we stll managed to bang the first guy out for hes DCB while their team was still in NE.
    after littel scrap and see the total ops we tele'd out & banked our loot

    After that we didnt find much besides some small main & pure teams 
    some of the loot below


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    Slaves got a reaction from Scims in Legacy Caves - Midweek Trip Clearing DC & SUP (3x)   
    big winners gz
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    Slaves got a reaction from Viikings in Chris brown beats the fuck outta DC at rev caves   
    nice job
  25. Good
    Slaves reacted to Plague in Plague | EU / NA | 110+ CMB | Multi/Singles/Warring/PVP   
    Thanks fellas
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