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  1. Slaves

    pkri GMT PK TRIP Feat. JaJa & Rev

    gz on action
  2. Slaves

    pkri Monday - Bullying Jaja

    nice job
  3. Slaves

    Brid Vid #10

    nice kills
  4. Slaves

    weekend Team rev and friends banish Apex from Caves 20v20

    nice job on smoking apex lmao
  5. Slaves

    pkri Sunday - Multi Spells Vs Ae

    gz sv big winners
  6. Slaves


    goodluck finding action
  7. Slaves

    Waiting on a clan to sit...

    um ok
  8. Slaves

    pkri Killed ct again

    nice job
  9. Slaves

    Notorious vs. Critical Damage - F2P Mini (3-0)

    Gz on your win
  10. Slaves

    pkri (CLEAN!) Prep Vs Kings + Rev Cave Sweep

    gz on smoking kings
  11. Slaves


  12. Slaves

    TADADADA Its the DO Dubble GG

    welcome to sharkbrew
  13. Slaves

    unofficial YEEHAAA GMT FIESTA

    gz veng
  14. Slaves

    Brutal Awakening | Main GMT Clan | 110+