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  1. who said you could cross the 30 line?

  2. Famcloth

    remember hittin?

    stay fuming lmao
  3. Famcloth

    remember hittin?

    my bro, going to the London show tomorrow
  4. Famcloth

    Sunday - Bullying Jaja Ft. Veng/res/rev

    You said you could cross 30-line?
  5. Famcloth

    Sovereign Cluster Kings Sunday ft jaja sidelined

    Too busy ironmanning
  6. Huge Sunday for everyone with a few exceptions (JAJA PD REV). Our prey of choice this weekend was the likes of DK DF2 Veng and AE who failed to coordinate effectively enough to 4v1 us. Our movements spanning from GDZ to Mossies resulted in us literally drop kicking homeless bums like AFG, Spoontech and ila out of our jurisdiction one by one until we were the last clan standing. Once the punching bags had been worked we ended strongly clearing VR and Authority in two clean 1v1s with no sign of anti-sv. Featuring guest of honor Babalanka Emotions running high over at DK jaja stay taking Ls KYP
  7. Famcloth

    LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire

    hopefully you can get enough action gl
  8. Famcloth

    verified Resurgence's Late EST Pk

    get a kill above 1m for my approval
  9. Famcloth

    Monday: EST Sweep ft. SV/CT/RoT

    PVM loot top of your topic anyone who actually looks at a few of these pics should be able to see this clans time is done back to bandos @Alan Rickman
  10. pure scene looking extra dry rn lol feelshitman

  11. Nice try anti-sv stay fucking easy
  12. Famcloth

    weekend Legacy Gwasing P2P Sunday

    pure scene needs more clans about time one popped up
  13. Famcloth

    Sunday: Uncontested Sweep ft. 1750 CC

    When Marky eventually bans the whole Teamspeak but still doesn't find the leak...
  14. Famcloth

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    dead scene