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  1. Thank you for the clean action. Tea book went tanks after couple hits so gratz Zen again
  2. Fun action with whoever was out today TY
  3. Big dik klen massed up 12 shooters later peaking at 15 to deliver some bodybags to w308 teams lot of action today and long fights, cheers to everyone being out.
  4. Okay ima stop now, last one!!! Undefeated day for Team Zen in the arena Score: 16W 3L
  5. Hold your hats ladies another winner!! Score: 15W 3L
  6. Boom Boom another Dolla in the bank Ty 4 action Score: 14W 3L
  7. Another winner for Team Zen ty for action Score: 13W 3L
  8. Thanks for the action boys mucho love Score: 12W 3L
  9. Thanks for the action lads, keep em coming! Score: 11W 3L
  10. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Thanks for the action ATL Score: 9 - 2
  11. Woof Woof another winner Score: 8W - 1L Ty for the mini BT
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