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  1. Quality's Sunday trip ended in Instinct's Closure when they realised they couldn't compete without 1 item raggers and bringing a shit snipe team in their capes. Thanks for your 3 weeks opener, was fun as long as it lasted.... GF to Revenge & Pink Panthers tho @Rsn ArrowPOV
  2. Thanks for the action Instinct and everyone else, keep the momentum going! Aftermath: @Don ZenPOV
  3. Quality HQ Straight up gave everyone the big D today, h00ters all shook from this dumpster. Massacred the scene with a solid 32 Man pull for 2 hours straight. @Rsn ArrowPOV
  4. Thanks for every clan that went out today, we had a great trip overall! Aftermaths: @Rsn ArrowPOV @Don ZenPOV
  5. Thank you for the clean action. Tea book went tanks after couple hits so gratz Zen again
  6. Fun action with whoever was out today TY
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