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  1. BLITZKRIEG was made 2 Months ago by 2 of the most impactful Snipe Teams in world 308 in 2017/2018. Team Blitz & Team Zen In the end of October 2018 we decided we'd come back after a while away from the scene, and together make BLITZKRIEG. Right now our member list peaks 25 people, and we're already growing. We're rushing into the xLPC community to compete with the rest of them, with one goal on our minds! Being #1 Matched 2019. OPENING DATE 19TH JANUARY! Founder -Pinoyz- Leader -Zen- High Council -TBA- Warlord -TBA- Council -Babe - i420 - Wifi- Officer -Billy - Henny - lgnore - Strike- Discord: https://discord.gg/VPGFKRJ Clan chat: Team Blitz Team Cape: Team-7 Interested? Hop on discord and pm one of the Ranks! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements 1 pray build 85+ Strenght 85+ Range 75+ Mage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13-31 Pray build 80+ Strenght 80+ Range 70+ Mage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Media / Aftermaths Prep score: 1-0 Wilderness
  2. Shoutout to Rampage for giving us this Clw Action man. Fair and Square. 1st round BLITZKRIEG: Start: 21 Ending: 11 VS RAMPAGE: Start: 21 Ending: 0 _____________________________________ 2nd round BLITZKRIEG: Start: 22 Ending: 15 VS RAMPAGE: Start: 22 Ending: 0 @PinoyzPOV
  3. After new years big things ;)
  4. Don Zen

    xlpc UPRISING XLPC [60-65CB]

  5. Fought your "fh boys" recently same numbers, didn't end well for you lads. Keep on massing up my dude. You call our 11 man pull mass while u roam dead wild with 16 people. Guess thats what happens when those 11 people are same quality to your 16 :/ Remember Blitz Made you
  6. Don Zen

    clan wars [D]oom vs Outburst Prep 2-1

    Grats on the win Doom good work