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    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    I miss the old you This Is Why I’m Hydrated
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  3. Mfw you’re roaming in a clanning community site and commenting shenanigans like this
  4. When most clans close, they’ve picked their allies or a netrual clan to join. When Eop closed, I’m pretty sure some went into Apex/IR. They may most likely do the same and join Apex. A lot of them didn’t enjoy their experience in eOp aside from a select two people. foe would spread through some clans but I think a handful will join sup if they closed now. If Supremacy were to close, oldschool members may all go inactive as they only play to be in Supremacy. Newer members of this year would probably try out foe. Possibly some may even try out VD. IR- they have a history of a few of their members going to Apex/Eop. My guess would be their members spreading into these two clans and perhaps even FI. IR also has a sum of their members who only play for their clan and a lot of will go inactive. Apex- I’m aware that they’re in a rivalry with foe right now but to the people who aren’t too attached to Nox, they’d probably join FOE. Some may go to Eop. Fatality- I’m not too sure where they’d join currently. I know some would join Supremacy as some of them are friends with SUP. I think most of their core would quit the game. for the rest, I’m not sure. it depends on when these clans were to close. The scene seems to do rigged with people not wanting to lose at all. If one of these clans were to close right now, it’d shift the scene too much and possibly cause a course of closure of more clans.
  5. It's in the comment section
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    RAMPAGE Closing Topic

  7. what's so special about a dude named tyler lmao Add comment

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    Good fucking luck

    This can't be serious lol
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    Good fucking luck

  10. Sweet. Keep up the activity