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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 I don't need to be in a server with you to speak facts lmfao.
  2. why did u leave sb discord after a caller @'d you?
  3. Is that the best that you can come with? No need to reflect on me. All the time you spent thinking up of a reply, you could have spent asking ALL of our ranks for a prep. You don't want these hands and you probably won't for awhile in clan wars. Your ranks probably won't even allow you to get a prep due to your inactivity. lmfao. Go beg for an active rank to a set up a prep [xl]niblet. 😎👋
  4. What I am really trying to say... You had no interest in asking for a prep before this topic was posted. You only wanted to +1 on @roflcats. You failed to achieve this. Better yet, why don't you get an actual ACTIVE rank to set up a prep between the two of us. You're all talk but no action. go back into your hole. lmfao
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