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  1. yikes xlpc beef, no cares.
  2. Salafi

    knight logo for sale

  3. Salafi

    I thought ted was bad but this takes the cake

    first of all I'm not on any thing right now ill occasionally bully some brown sticky stuff nhers on os scape when my girl aint home but I ruined my pure on rs so it like 120+cb now, I have problems with studying irl, I dropped out of school when I was 16 and im a runecape nerd for the timebeing, I lost my liscense cuz i aint a snitch for a year, so i have an FR44 and alot ofother things that won't be disclosed at this particular time, which means im basically on lockdown for 3 years cuz im broke and when i aint on rs im on the streets wit my boys who do nothing but get me "in trouble"
  4. Salafi

    Foe's last hope

    Doopy fucking slave l0l
  5. damn cauliflower cats snapping foes streak
  6. Salafi

    Sharkbrew logo concept

    its cool but i love the jabberjaw with the brew logo
  7. Salafi

    GF sovereign pures!

    bwhahahaahahah i can honestly say I was glad to be in SV during the hpc times, I got to witness quite possibly being a part of the worst pure clan to have ever existed. Rest In Piss.
  8. rather watch anime over playing rs l0l
  9. Salafi

    main Jaja Day Out FT. Macing Orange Juice

    wow where do i join