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  1. Join Apex at clan-apex.net if you're tired of multi logging on mains or constantly switching team capes!

  2. Sup had to bring 46 mains today to avoid banking for their Team 30 capes

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    2. `Colossal


      Imagine having to bring mains to fight pures then boasting about it like you're good. 

      god bless you

    3. DilL


      and you're still the 3rd wheel in EOP and IR's relationships lmfao

    4. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      this brock lesnar retard has always been a degen lmao

  3. Sup had an lpc and 2 xlpcs close into them and STILL have to bring 45 mains? Just shows how shitty their clan and leadership truly are.
  4. ? still killed more than you're shit clan would've l0l
  5. They killed more than your dog shit clan would've LOL
  6. How is Sup gonna come flame and challenge a clan that is 27-1 in p2p preps in 2018. It took you fucking retards 4 months to win a low opt p2p prep vs FATALITY. I bet you guys were pretty hyped after that W LOL. Kiss the rings fucking dog.
  7. You spent an hour making a topic only fo kids care about gz u played urself
  8. i feel bad for all those loyal sup members that have to deal with dog shit leadership
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