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  1. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: @OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr Violent Resolution vs Wild Might - Round 1 2 days ago WM claimed we crashed their fight when absolutely no one was there (????). After spamming "VR was scared", we decided to make a PK trip yesterday in their timezone in hopes they would stop avoiding us and actually fight. Unfortunately, they did not and we went about PKing. With no prep for today, we got word that WM was out at vetion and massed the men looking for a fight. We quickly gained up to 25 and started scouting. Wild Might logged in on a few of our members and we all logged in. The small WM numbers attempted to fight back and really stood no chance against us as we smoked their members, 1 hitting them over and over as they attempted to return. Eventually after a small 5 minute fight with barely any of them returning, WM was cleared from the world and we took our ending. Violent Resolution vs Wild Might - Round 2 ft. ROT/SV We logged back out at Vetion and waited for WM to come back up. This time they called a proper regroup, getting their men ingame and we fought once agian. Violent Resolution vs Wild Might started inside the boneyard with VR absolutely dominating WM in every aspect as they continued to try to match our numbers ingame. VR quickly gained up to 30 while WM sat with about 20 ingame, having 12 or so ingame at any point as they got farmed over and over. At the 10 minute mark of the fight, Liths kids logged in from the west and started barraging the fight out, hitting VR for the most part as we had more numbers. We moved to the east side of the fight and ROT members started to trickle in from the north and south into the fight. VR continued fighting through the 1 v 2 as WM/ROT started to team on us to attempt to clear us. We were not having it. We continued to move the fight east while we barraged everything west. The fight eventually ended up at the east black knight as we focused WM for the most part as ROT 1 itemers really weren't doing too much damage and actually made the fight more even as VR now gained to 40 on Teamspeak. Fight moved to sperm hill where it remained for about 30 minutes. VR fought WM + ROT there, keeping a strong main pile and still 1 iteming everything that was called. Great spearing and mages allowed for VR to get clump after clump on what was mainly ROT 1 itemers at this point as they had more than WM had ingame. At the 15 minute mark or so, Divine Forces decided to come anti-crash for us as they took over the north and killed any ROT returning. Soon as DF came to AC , WM was pretty much done again. They were down to 10 men ingame and we completely slaughtered their pile now in a 1 v 1. For the next 10 minutes, WM would be almost cleared ingame until SV came to the fight to aid ROT and push DF to the north so that they could come back into our fight. At this point, we were now fighting 1 v 3 vs WM/ROT/SV. We fought through crashers as we still had the advantage on the fight. Eventually, we moved east and started to barrage all crashers to the west while WM moved to the north a bit. After clearing crashers, we went back focusing WM but at this point, they had had enough and called it quits and they teleported out. VR/DF merged clan chats and started to farm the ROT/SV left ingame. After a short 5 minutes, all crashers were cleared and VR took a final fall in at sperm hill and moved to edge to say our good fights. Bullying RDK We were not done there. Earlier in the week we heard that RDK officials were claiming to dox some of our members. After bringing it up to their Leader, I was personally told that he "was not interested", claiming that the dox logs were faked and his members are honour and would never do anything like that. I told him that I will remember that. RDK attempted to PK. On their first world at alter, we logged in on them and completely barraged out anything inside the alter. They attempted to fight back but their 18 men stood no chance against VR's strong 30 man unit. After a short fight, we singled them out and forced them to teleport out. On RDK's second world, VR logged in at alter and barraged everything inside out, once again forcing them to single and singled them out, walking them down to 30 wilderness until they teleported out. Finally RDK moved locations and we continued to follow them but they refused to actually log into the world and was only scouting. After claiming "nothing was out", RDK ended their PK without really doing anything for 30 minutes as VR chased them all over the wilderness until they called their PK trip to an end. Next time, maybe consider doxing as something serious. Pathetic mistake from your officials, especially considering RDK really wasn't on VR's radar until this incident happened all because some members left you and joined VR lol.. get over it. Pics:
  2. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Since these wannabe Santa Claus' talking some smack over the couple of days we decided to give them a visit in our wilderness and payback for yesterday's cringe crash attempt on us. Quickly massed 10 people and rushed them at lava gap, they had 25 ingame at that moment, we quickly gained enough numbers to show them what's up. Didn't take too long for them to realise they won't stand a chance in the wilderness even though it is their timezone and eventually after 25 minutes of killing them left and right decided to call it off and log out. Pride Passion Belief VR
  3. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR http://i.imgur.com/PS44B.png Sunday rolled round and AC had a week prep for their first wilderness event in 2 weeks. We decided we'd go hit it despite the fact they'd lined up SV to 2v1 us. We logged into AC as soon as they teled up and started the farm, they had 5 left in game when SV's 30 man week prep pull logged in. Farm continued and PD appeared to kill our returners with WM also on us. We kept going and gained up to 60 on teamspeak and legit cleared all 4 clans from the map within 45 mins. Easiest event yet. VR WINS AGAIN. Pride Passion Belief v https://image.prntscr.com/image/hfEmK2M1TpGO-ZE8dmYHiA.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/y3GlxRA8Q_uwrFSFI1M9MQ.png
  4. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat witter: @OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr With us going hard all day in our PvM competition vs DR, the men were ready for a little break. With few clans scouted deep, we headed out looking for some action. Our first target was WM. With the flame war going on after last Sunday's fight vs them, we rolled into WM's world looking to completely slaughter them and that we did. WM lasted a total of 60 seconds, calling 2 piles before VR clear their whole memberlist from the world. After a quick ending we moved locations eager for more action. We hopped around Vetion not finding too much. With action really only at Alter, we decided to say fuck it and asked AF for a capped fight as they seemed to be the only clan already massed and ready from their F2P event. With 1 highlight, we gained from 30 on Teamspeak to 40 no prep, AF massed 30 men quickly and headed over gaining to 34 as the fight started. Callers went explosive on Teamspeak as we transition through AF members, calling clumps as they were caught. VR members did well to avoid clumps, while catching a good chunk on AF members throughout the fight. After our agreed capped time, we moved to single and said our good fights. Thanks for the action AF. Cleaaaaan. Pics:
  5. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr Got on tonight to the men PKing around Vetion. After hopping around we ran into a few small clans that we cleared with no problem. We continued on until we ran into EZ. Fight vs EZ started 15 v 15 or so. After EZ sent out the highlights, ROT/SV started showing up to gain up to 25 while VR still sat with 18 or so. We continued fighitng for a bit 1 v 3 until we were overwhelmed and teleported out. We then got word that PD was fighting EZ/SV at 50 portals. We rolled up and started piling EZ/SV around and after about 10 minutes of fighting, EZ/SV/ROT were cleared and we moved locations. After hopping around not finding anything, we msged PD looking for a capped fight for some fun. They accepted and VR vs PD started 21 v 21. Fight was pretty even with both clans doing work with clumps and overall pretty good performances by each clan. Coming into the 30 minute mark, we asked PD if they were ready to end and they said 5 more minutes. We continued for 5 minutes and asked if they were done with no response as we noticed the 3-4 men they were sitting were sent in to flood and looked like they were just looking to go uncapped. With us still hungry for action, we continued the fight. 30 minutes turned into 1.5 hours as VR gained to 25 on Teamspeak to PD's 25-30 ish as well. Fight was super close back and forth. At the 1.5 hour mark of the fight, we decided it was getting super late EST and for a GMT clan, we decided to call it a night 5:15am GMT time. Great job to all who attended. Pics:
  6. Violent Resolution vs Wilderland - November 18 - 1 Hour Cap Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr Few days ago we asked WL for a little scrap for tonight. After sorting our some proper anti-crashes for the shit clans crashing in F2P recently, WL accepted and we both hyped up the fight. We walked to RDG and rushed WL just north. Fight started off explosive as both clans transformed into a box as we figured would happen with larger numbers. Fight didn't really move from RDG while both clans called off RDG sign and tree over and over. Around 10 minutes in, ROT and SV logged in to crash but AF/Tempest focused them to the north creating 2 separate fights on the world. No one really had an infect on the fight as ROT/SV was cleared quickly from Tempest/AF anti-crash units. After 1 hour of fighting and all our callers losing their voice going fuckin HAM throughout the fight with the intensity, both clans took fall ins at Spider vents and said our good fights. VR Starting: 39 WL Starting: 43 VR Ending: 40 WL Ending: 48 Pics:
  7. VR vs WM - P2P Planned Fight Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR We arranged a fight vs WM and they rushed us at the fight loc in 34 wild. The fight started out even as both clans looked to get piles and establish some momentum. After about 10 minutes our callers started calling amazing piles and we caught WM in some pretty big barrage clumps. We had a pretty dominant performance in this fight and it was totally clean from crashers/looters which was nice to see too. After 45 minutes of fighting, we took our endings and said our good fights. Thank you WM for the scrap and goodjob VR. As our WM cap came to an end, we went looking for some more action. After scouting pures fighting all around in 325, we rushed east towards vetion and barraged our what seemed to be FOE and someone else. After a short big of barraging and clearing them out, we moved south and barraged out everything around 19 portals which seemed to be ROT/SV/EZ. After rushing 40 vs 80, we barraged out everything we could, moving slowly to the west towards single. With it just being a cluster fuck of pures and raggers, we decided to not stick around and called it a night. Good job to everyone who attended.
  8. Went out to get some juicy callisto pets, Forsaken decided to log in on us trying to clear us. Got the VR GMT unit on in matter of seconds, and started fighting them. After 15 minutes of one banging their left and right they finally realised VR is the Kings of GMT and eventually called it off. Good shit for the quick hop on, & stay tuned for more. Thanks for the early GMT lunchtime fight FSK. Starting: 6 Ending: 18 Good shit lads.
  9. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr After a fun little F2P rush 40 v 90 since Arroz cancelled on us and we had nothing else to do lol, we headed into the night ready for our fight with Deathrow. VR vs DR started with both clans having similar numbers. After about 10 minutes of fighting, PD attempted to rush in in rags to barrage the fight out. We merged CC's and cleared crashers quickly. Soon as PD was cleared we instantly turned onto DR again and continued our fight. This went on for about 20 minutes of VR and DR just instantly turning into PD crashers as they came in and then going back to fighting with really not much interference as PD was cleared pretty quickly. After about 25 minutes of fighting, DR asked us to move deep wilderness to avoid PD teleporting out. They moved to 50s where they were rushed by PD alone. We followed in shortly after and barraged PD's pile out. After clearing PD, we turned back onto DR and continued our fight. This continued going back and forth on PD/DR until the 45 minute mark of the fight where VR and DR said our good fights at New Gate. VR ending: 33 DR ending: 31 At this point, we heard Rev vs EZ/SV was going on at 19s and we moved south looking to get involved in the action. We took over 19s portals and PD rushed us from the south. After pushing PD to single, they called their PK to an end and VR moved north side of the fight where we started clearing EZ. VR vs EZ went on for about 15 minutes 1 v 1 as we cleared them x3 times as they attempted to re-rush over and over. Eventually EZ refused to fight us alone and just merged into SV's pile to hide. We moved back south, picking off anything and everything that came near us and returned from corp and 19s. We camped all SV callers until eventually, SV was forced to rush us. We moved south to single and barraged them back single to multi until they moved back to the north on rev. We repeated this over and over. Eventually we moved north to Rev's pile where SV was finally cleared from the wilderness. After 3 hours of PKing, we called it a night. Pics:
  10. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR http://i.imgur.com/PS44B.png Wednesday went round, we'd been pvming owning chilling decided to go round Vetion and logged into DF. Fight started with us on top, they gained as we did and fight went back and forth for the next 45 mins. Nearly had them cleared at times and they were on top others but fun clean action all round. After 45 mins we decided to take ending, VR ending with around 35 men to DF's 40. Thanks for the clean battle Divine Forces, great job VR.
  11. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr Got the men on tonight looking for some action. After finding few small men teams at gds we ran into EZ. EZ actually put up a good fight for a while. After about 10 minutes of fighting, SV was called to help and we moved to alter. Alter we heard RS Generals were out with a few. We set up to hit them as they were pking and training prayer. As we rushed, Team America rushed just before us and we managed to get both clans in a juicy clump inside alter. As everything spread we finished our single piles and took over inside alter to claim the victory. At this point we moved to vetion. After hopping around Vetion, we ran into PD who had around 20 to our 15. After few minutes we gained up to 20 on ts and started stream rolling this racoons all over the map having them cleared completely at one point. We waited for them as they returned from Corp. This time they had members returning in racoon hides and random event gear, calling latinos to ags spec tele us from the south and med levels to aid them even tho they already outnumbered us? After a solid 30 minutes of fighting, pd gear was laughable so we called it a night.
  12. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR We set up a fight vs AC and rushed them at east tree. We quickly started battering them and catching them in barrage piles. Sent out SWAT to disrupt any mages that they had which turned into our SWAT 1 banging people alongside our main pile. Pretty much cut through them all over the MAP for about an hour until their gear turned abslutely brutal and some other random 1 itemers crashed, at which stage we took our leave. Good job all VR.
  13. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr Got the men on tonight looking for some action. After hopping around Vetion, we ran into AF who had around 14 to our 10. After a small scrap, we teleported out to get the men on and get ready for a fight. We hopped in to AF world once again and started a fight around graveyard. We caught AF in a couple of barrage clumps as both clans gained numbers with VR gaining to about 18 and AF closer to 25. After about 10 minutes of fighting, AF just gained too much for us and we decided to move for some other action. We started hopping around 50s until we ran into PD. VR vs PD went on pretty even in numbers around 50s for about 10 minutes before EZ/ROT/SV came in holding hands. We moved west and called a world hop with PD getting the blunt of the hit. At this point we scouted Rev at GDS in 1 item as they were having some 1 item fight with SV kids. We logged in and barraged them out quickly. Shortly after, SV came in from the east and we moved west to log. PD/EZ started fighting at New Gate and we positioned south in single and came back to the world. After a quick regroup south, we rushed in from the south barraging everything to the north. With EZ almost cleared, SV logged in from the north looking to come to aid to allies. We moved south once again and took a regroup, not looking to fight 30+ people vs our 20. We were then contacted by PD looking for a 30 minute fight. We accepted and positioned at 19 portals ready for some action. VR vs PD went down for 30 minutes clean as both clans did well keeping a strong pile throughout the fight. Mages were on point catching clumps. Eventually after 30 minutes as the cap was about to come to an end, SV finally showed up as we were about to take our endings. VR teled out saying out good fights at the bank and called it a night. VR Ending: ~25 Pics:
  14. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.me/osrsvr Our Egyptian pharaoh came out of retirement and wanted to pk so we all decided to head out for late night snack and slay some niggas. First trash we ran into was EZ, completely slayed those noobs spamming train your defense you fkin scrubs pked 2 +1s off them in the 3 minutes of action they offered. Pked for few more min and eventually ran into PD cleared them few times until they fully massed an fought clean for about 40 min. .
  15. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Ran into like 10 liths at 50s fought clean for over an hour dominating them, forcing them to toxic staff suicide, felt like we were fighting RoT. Nabbed an AGS from them at the start when they were actually returning in gear the poor dude was repping a dragon crossbow for the rest of the fight . PD crashed later on only to get cleared off the map. Then DF came in to make a huge cluster, gf to all clans, ty for the farm session.
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