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  1. Molly Eskam

    Legacy TS Audio Leak #3 - Cookiez Has A Meltdown

    My nigga crying over a game, yikes.
  2. Molly Eskam

    Today and tomorrow?

    @Colin's broke ass cant even afford to take his girl out to chilis for the 2 for 20 jawn.
  3. Molly Eskam

    weekend 'We Are Ruthless' Sunday Dominating misfits

    nice losing topic.
  4. Wow this is so shocking, I never would of expected this.
  5. Lmfao nice topic, VD got passed around like the neighborhood slut. Gratz on action I guess...
  6. Molly Eskam


    Yeah goodluck with jagex and those pure community suggestions lmao.
  7. Molly Eskam


    and we wonder why jagex wants nothing to do with the pure community lmao.
  8. Molly Eskam

    The Return.

    gl mate