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  1. i mean you had 10 ir in your capes last saturday and never attempted to take time to get them away. We noticed LY in our capes today during the fight and took our capes off to kill the 5~ LY in our capes to make it more fair. We obviously had intel IR was sending more than the 5 (who were obviously in your cape when we left) that were there or we wouldn't have offed when the opts were 55 to 25 lol/ Not to mention your topic on your forums is the biggest propaganda filled shit i've ever seen.
  2. gf foe very fun event
  3. roflcats

    Hey apex

    Apex is dead as frick
  4. just wondering how awkward it feels to cosplay as an apex member when you are actually an ir rank rofl!!!
  5. ir is banned from wilderness topics lmfaooo
  6. roflcats

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep | 40v40 | [3-0]

    Respectable fight as always, ty fi
  7. roflcats

    weekend DETRIMENTAL SUNDAY 10.02.19

    way better than bp, gj
  8. roflcats

    weekend Supremacy Saturday Fist-fucking IR

    i'm gonna have to agree with the antisemitic statement
  9. roflcats

    weekend Supremacy Saturday Fist-fucking IR

    IR isn't allowed to come to the wilderness on Saturdays anymore lmfao
  10. roflcats

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    very respectable fights, the im on a boat guy clearly isn't in sup
  11. roflcats


    apex just lost another 20 members to this
  12. roflcats

    RSPS Clanning Returns

    IR should look into moving here
  13. roflcats

    Supremacy Vs. IR 2-0 (small prep)

    haha yes